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The sixth annual Extreme Rules came to us live from East Rutherford, New Jersey and boasted the first ever WeeLC match on the kick off show.

El Torito v Hornswoggle (WeeLC match)

This match was a delight, the crowd were chanting “this is awesome.” There was a mini announce desk that Hornswoggle elbow dropped El Torito through, there were mini tables, ladders and chairs and Los Matadores and 3MB involved themselves in the match and there was a great drop through two ladders and two tables from them. But El Torito got the win after a springboard drop onto Hornswoggle who went through a table as a result.

Rob Van Dam v Cesaro v Jack Swagger (Triple threat elimination match)

Paul Heyman talked about Extreme Rules and Brock Lesnar before the match that kicked off with RVD hitting Cesaro with a monkey flip on top of Jack Swagger. Rob then hit Cesaro with a sunset flip into a power-bomb before Swagger nailed a powerful clothesline on the outside to Van Dam.

Swagger then got the Swagger Bomb on RVD for a near fall but Cesaro came in hit the spine buster and eight rotations of the Cesaro swing on his former tag team partner.

RVD went for the five star frog splash but Swagger hit a belly to belly suplex off the top rope and locked in Patriot Lock but Cesaro made the save.

Cesaro then hit his suplex from the apron and Van Dam got the five star frog splash to eliminate Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger is eliminated.

The former and the current Paul Heyman guys went at it with Cesaro looking for a pin of a German Suplex but it was just a near fall.

Cesaro then knocked RVD to the outside and climbed the barricade but RVD knocked him down and got the spinning heel kick as the fans chanted “ECW.”

Cesaro crawled back in the ring and got Rolling Thunder followed by a split leg moon-sault for another near fall. Rob found a trash can under the ring and tried to climb into the ring with it but Cesaro kicked it in his face. RVD returned the favour, kicking Cesaro in the face with the bin.
RVD then tried to hit the five star with the bin on Cesaro but he moved and got the Neutraliser off the bin for the win.

BACKSTAGE: Daniel Bryan was with the physio when he was interrupted by Stephanie who told him she can’t control Kane and she said he was afraid for him tonight after he was only wearing a neck brace a few days ago.

She said she didn’t have to compete tonight, he could surrender his title instead. He told her to get out of his face and he would walk in and out of the match as the WWE Champion. Stephanie said Daniel wouldn’t be walking out WWE Champion, he would be walking out Kane’s bitch!

Alexsander Rusev v R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Lana dedicated the match to Vladimir Putin before the match just to add more heat to Rusev’s character. Before the bell even rang Rusev kicked Woods in the face and he knocked R-Truth off the apron. Before hitting Woods with a belly to belly suplex and finally the bell rang.

R-Truth ran full boar into Rusev, before Truth began the fight back with a missile drop kick and managed a near fall on the big man but he fought back with a sidewalk slam before forcing R-Truth to tap to the accolade.

After the match Lana signalled to Rusev to go back for Xavier Woods and he threw him over his head and slammed him to the floor outside the ring.

BACKSTAGE: Evolution were with Renee Young and they talked about The Shield and the egos inside Evolution, he said they had 31 world championships between them. Randy Orton then said that tonight The Shield will perish.

Bad News Barrett told the audience he had some bad news and talked about the murs virus and that everyone would be stuck down with a sickness but not a sickness as bad as Big E’s after he defeats him for the IC title.

Big E v Bad News Barrett (Intercontinental Championship)

Bad News Barrett tried to ambush Big E at the beginning of the match but Big E countered and took Barrett to the outside where he bounced him off the steel post. Barrett fought back with a kick to the head of Big E which saw him fall out of the ring before he dropped the elbow from the apron.

Big E then hit numerous belly to belly suplex’s to Barrett before he speared him off the apron. Barrett then hit Winds of Change for a near fall before another two count off Wasteland. Barrett then looked for the BullHammer but Big E countered and went for Big Ending but Barrett hit the BullHammer from out of nowhere for the win.

Evolution v The Shield

The two teams faced off and went after watch other before the bell rang and The Shield cleared the ring. Triple H crawled back in to the ring and Seth punched him in the face and the bell finally rang.

Rollins then took out Triple H outside the ring and threw him back in the ring before fighting off Orton but accepting a wicked clothesline from Triple H.

Batista received the tag and continued the beat down in the corner before tagging in Orton and he hung Rollins up on the bottom rope.

Evolution managed to keep Seth Rollins away from his tag partners for much of the match and Seth looked like he could make the tag but Batista knocked Reigns and Ambrose off the apron and Rollins hit the enziguri before tagging in Ambrose.

Ambrose knocked Batista off the apron before clotheslining Orton and locking in the figure four leg lock. Roman then threw Batista into the barricade before going for Triple H but he went face first into the steel steps.

Ambrose was then a victim of a three on one assault as the other two members where knocked out, Triple H then hit the spine-buster for the near fall before tagging in Batista who hit a spinning elbow for his own near fall.

Triple H then went for the pedigree and Ambrose flipped him and hit the DDT before tagging in Roman who cleared the ring with a clothesline to Batista before hitting the running kick from the outside and Seth hit the knee to the knee to the side of the face to Batista followed by Superman Punch and the triple power bomb but Reigns was pulled off the cover.

Seth went straight into the barricade, Ambrose threw Triple H over the Spanish announce table before Randy hit the RKO on Roman and Batista looked to be getting the win but Seth broke it up. Triple H and Batista then double teamed Seth and Ambrose rand across the announce tables and took both out with double knees to the face.

Triple H took Seth and Randy Orton took Ambrose for a wander through the crowd leaving Roman and Batista in the ring. Dean then fell down the steps and Randy and Triple H followed him and bounced him off the steel rail. Seth made the save diving off the balcony and onto the three of them.

In the ring Batista hit the spine-buster and went for the Batista Bomb but Roman hit the super man punch and the spear for the win.

After the match Roman found Dean and Seth in the crowd and they celebrated together.

Bray Wyatt v John Cena (Steel Cage)

The match up started with Cena putting Bray in a head lock but Bray fought out and hit a clothesline from the back of Cena.

John looked like he could climb out but realised Rowan and Harper were on the other side and thought better of it. Bray then bounced Cena off the cage.

Cena then climbed to the top of the cage but Bray brought him back down and hung him up on the top rope. Bray the choke-slammed Cena for a near fall. Cena then went for the AA but Bray blocked it and Cena instead hit the drop kick to the face.

Cena tried to climb the cage and whilst he was Bray opened the door and tried to crawl out of the cage but Cena dragged him in and hit a cross body for a near fall, before twice throwing Cena at the side of the cage.

Cena got revenge throwing Bray at the steel. He then hit Bray with a choke-bomb before going for the door but Rowan and Harper pushed him back in the ring and Bray used the time to recover and pulled Cena back in the ring.

Cena tried to escape the cage again but he landed on Rowan's shoulders and he climbed him back up into the cage. Cena then hit the bulldog off the top rope on Bray but Harper had climbed to the top of the cage and the two fought it out before Cena pulled Harper over into the cage.

Cena climbed over and the door opened, he hit Bray with the door and tried to drop down but Rowan had a chair. Cena climbed back in the cage and threw Cena before going for Sister Abigail but Cena countered into the STF but Bray crawled out toward the door, Rowan helped pull him but Cena pulled him back in and Bray bounced him off the steel again.

Bray then tried to escape the cage but John followed him and they battled it out on the top rope and Cena hit an AA from the top rope for a near fall as Harper broke up the three count.

Cena again tried to escape but Rowan was up and tried to stop him but he bounced him off the top of the cage and took Harper out with a leg drop. Cena was about to climb out of the cage but the lights went down and the children were back singing “it’s got the whole world in his hands” before Bray hit Sister Abigail and walked out of the cage.

After the match Bray headed to the back with the child, Harper and Rowan.

Paige v Tamina (Divas Championship)

Paige claimed the early advantage and hammered away at Tamina on the ropes before climbing up to the top rope but Tamina knocked her down to the floor below.

Tamina slammed Paige for a near fall, before a stoop slam but Paige kicked her way out and pushed Tamina all the way through the ropes and out of the ring. Tamina then bounced her off the barricade before throwing her back into the ring and climbing up to the top rope with her on her shoulders, Paige countered into a sunset flip power-bomb.

Tamina then caught Paige in mid-air and hit the side slam for a near fall before going for the super-kick but Paige countered into the Scorpion Cross-lock and Tamina tapped.

BACKSTAGE: The Wyatts formally accepted the child into their family, he accepted with a creepy voice.

Kane v Daniel Bryan (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Daniel went straight after Kane as soon as he came out but Kane then hit Bryan with a kendo stick before Bryan put Kane back in the ring and hit the hurracanrana off the top rope.

Kane then slammed Bryan off the barricade with a chair before rolling him back in the ring and throwing two chairs in after him but Bryan rolled out and hit Kane with a kendo stick. Kane then hit Bryan in the kidneys with the chair and across the back before a sidewalk slam on a chair and a near fall.

Bryan came back knocking Kane to the outside and hitting flying goal before taking the covers off the announce tables and hitting Kane with them but Kane countered and hit him with them, Kane then tried to choke-slam Daniel Bryan through the announce table but Bryan fought out with a flying DDT.

Kane then threw Bryan into the steel steps before going for the tombstone off the steel steps but Bryan counted and bounced Kane off the ring post.

Bryan then produced a kendo stick from under the ring and beat Kane with it but he hit him back and ran Bryan up the ramp and bounced him off the set.

The two headed backstage and Kane through a TV at Bryan before bouncing him off the surfaces as they walked backstage. Bryan fought back hitting him with a shovel before beating away at him on the bonnet of a car. But Kane reversed into a back body drop onto the bonnet of the car.

Daniel then looked to have knocked Kane out with a crowbar before dragging him onto a fork lift and driving him onto the ring. He then dumped Kane into the ring from above the top rope. Bryan then climbed up onto the lift and landed a driving head-butt for a near fall.

Kane recovered and hit the choke-slam for his own near fall, Kane then went for the Tombstone off the steel chair but Bryan countered into the tornado DDT for a two count.

He then hammered away at Kane with a chair before locking in the Yes Lock but Kane broke it and Bryan then locked in with the kendo stick but Kane managed to crawl out of the ring band Bryan followed but he was caught and Kane choke-slammed Bryan through the announce table.

Kane then pulled out a table and set it alight, But Daniel knocked Kane through and he caught light but the flames were put out and Bryan hit the knee to the face for the win.

Daniel left the ring and then Kane stood up and did not look impressed as Extreme Rules went off the air.

For me this was the best pay-per-view of the year so far, the fans got everything they asked for  from the most Extreme Night of the year, it would be impossible not to go home happy.

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This article has been written by a member of the GiveMeSport Writing Academy and does not represent the views of GiveMeSport.com or SportsNewMedia. The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the author credited at the top of this article. GiveMeSport.com and SportsNewMedia do not take any responsibility for the content of its contributors.

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