WWE Raw report: May 12

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Raw, live from North Carolina, kicked off with The Shield in the ring, and the “hounds of justice” were not happy. Dean Ambrose said what they saw last week is something they don’t see very often and yes they were beat down but they don’t stay down for very long.

He said they are up a lot more than they are down and he wants Evolution! Seth then took the mic and said they are not running from Evolution, they are running to Evolution and he asked Evolution to accept their challenge for a rematch and so they can run through Evolution.

The high flyer then said that when they show up tonight they are going to hunt Evolution, he said that Evolution were really good, but they are not the Evolution they used to be anymore because they can’t evolve into what it takes to beat The Shield.

Roman then took over and said that after everything they did to him last week, is that all they’ve got? Because if it is then they have a serious problem and they are going to teach them that their brand of justice can be served cold and so slow and they are going to teach then the concept of Payback.

A limo arrived inside the arena and Triple H stepped out, The Shield ran from the ring to the back of the arena to find them. The Shield ambushed them and took them down before they were dragged apart by referees and officials.

Rob Van Dam v Jack Swagger

Before the match up started Zeb talked about his deportation list again but this time he had added Adam Rose to the list and told him to keep his distance.

Adam Rose and the exotic express then interrupted before the match could begin and the newest edition to Monday night Raw then taunted Swagger as he went to punch him by Rose just fell back into his entourage.

Rose provided the distraction as he backed up the ramp and RVD hit the kick to the jaw followed by the five star for the win.

Adam Rose then celebrated after the match as Rob made his way up the ramp.

Paige v Alicia Fox

Alicia told Paige that she has been here just six weeks and has managed to alienate the entire locker room, there is something she doesn’t like about her so she should get out. Before knocking Paige down and stomping on her.

The bell then rang and the match started but Alicia continued in the corner before delivering a backbreaker and knocking Paige from the ring and bouncing her off the apron.

Alicia then hit the forearms to the face followed by a German Suplex for a near fall, before delivering another vicious back breaker. Fox then locked in a submission but Paige fought back and hit the Paige Turner for the win.

Alicia was not happy after the loss and destroyed the announce table and threw a drink all over JBL and the fans before coming back and shouting at the commentary team and hitting a time keeper before exiting wearing JBL’s hat.

Raw returned with Daniel Bryan out to address the fans about what happened last week. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion told the WWE Universe that he knew being champion was going to be an uphill battle.

He said he knew it from Summerslam last year, but the hill is a lot steeper than he thought it would be. He said thanks to the WWE universe he beat the odds and won the World title at Wrestlemania but when you’re the World Champion it puts a huge target on your back.

He said Kane gave him the worst beating of his life and he was then determined to come back and beat Kane for that and he did at Extreme Rules and that came with a price, he thinks the reason people cheer for him is because he pays that price with his body and unfortunately he has to pay the price this week with neck surgery.

He said he is having the surgery Thursday and he is not happy about it because this is his dream. He said there are some people like Triple H and Stephanie who are happy about it because it could be the end of his career but he said it wouldn’t be before telling the crowd he will be back.

John Cena and The Usos v The Wyatt Family

In a rematch from Smackdown, Luke Harper and Jey Uso started the match up with Harper trying to gain the advantage, Jey knocked the big man down with a cross body before Harper landed a drop kick and tagged in Rowan.

Rowan continued to beat down Jey before tagging out to Bray who taunted John Cena and brought in Harper. Jey finally found an opening when Harper missed a splash in the corner and tagged in Jimmy.

He hit clotheslines and superkicks followed by a Samoan Drop and a corkscrew senton before the Wyatts made the distraction and Harper hit the boot to the face for a near fall. Bray then came in and hit the punches to the face before Harper came in again.

The arena exploded as Jimmy hit Bray with a superkick and Cena finally got the tag, he shoulder blocked Rowan down before going for the five knuckle shuffle but Harper got involved and received a punch in the face for his troubles.

Cena then went for the AA on Rowan but he grabbed the ropes and was thrown to the outside before Harper hit Cena with a face plant but Jey Uso hit the cross body, Bray slammed him to the mat and Jimmy came in an hit the knee to the face. Rowan swatted him away like a fly, Rowan tried to put Cena away but he locked in the STF and Bray broke it up.

Bray then went for Sister Abigail on Cena but Jimmy superkicked him in the face before Jey delivered another kick and Bray rolled out of the ring. Harper was then taken out by a double superkick and the tag team champions flew to the outside knock the two back down.

Cena then hit the AA on Rowan for the win.

Bray addressed John after the match, thanking him for helping him to realise what he must do and telling him to follow the buzzards.

Evolution made their way to the ring following their ambush by The Shield earlier in the night, Orton said he had had enough and it’s time to take the gloves off and start kicking The Shield’s ass.

He said it is time to put the hounds of justice to sleep. Batista also shouted that he had had enough as well. Triple H said it is time to end this and at Extreme Rules they proved how good they are and he already knew that.

He said they have gotten a bit too big for themselves, he said they are undisciplined and it’s gonna end so at Payback they will get their rematch and they will take them apart one by one. Dean Ambrose will be humbled, Seth Rollins wings will be pulled off and he’s going to make an example out of Roman Reigns and take his time with him. Reigns will be the member of The Shield that does not come back from Payback, he will fail to adapt…Seth Rollins attacked Hunter from behind and the second attack was on.

Seth knocked Triple H to the outside before Randy was thrown out by Dean and Roman punched Batista out, Triple H climbed back but was knocked back down. Triple H then found a mic but Batista snatched it from him and told him he has had enough and he told Roman that he wants him tonight.

Total Divas were out when Raw returned at ringside holding scorecards for the match between Nikki and Natalya.

Nikki Bella v Natalya

This match was made after Nikki called a painting Natalya made for her, ugly on Total Divas. Natalya got the better of the opening exchanges as she slammed Nikki to the mat.

The two exchanged slaps before Nattie locked in a submission but Nikki fought out. Nikki then hit a forearm to the face followed by a knee to the face from the top rope for a near fall.

The two again exchanged slaps before Natalya locked in a stretch but Nikki reversed it and locked in the move herself. The match seemed to break down into a sort of brawl type situation and Nikki then went for a quick pin but Nattie kicked out.

Natalya then went for a jackknife pin with the same result, Natalya then looked like she was going for the roll up but Nikki reversed and held her down for the three count.

Nikki patted Nattie on the head on her way out of the ring, before Nattie then ripped up Cameron’s score cards.

Curtis Axel v Sheamus

Before the match Axel and Ryback flipped a coin to find out which one of them would face Sheamus.

Axel gained the upper hand from a knee to the face and gained a near fall before the Irishman fought back but Axel hit a drop kick to ground Sheamus.

Sheamus then hit a rolling senton and a running knee to the face in the corner, he climbed up to the top rope but Axel reversed and hit a neckbreaker from the top for another near fall.
Sheamus then locked in the Clover Leaf and Axel tapped.

Ryback then hit Sheamus from behind and it seemed there was going to be another match.

Ryback v Sheamus

Ryback was on top when Raw returned using his incredible strength against the United States Champion but Ryback went for a splash and Sheamus countered with the knees before hitting a double axe handle to the face followed by a running knee. Sheamus then hit ten beats of the Bourin and Ryback went for Shellshock, Sheamus fought out but Ryback dropped him for a near fall.

Ryback went for the Meathook clothesline but Sheamus hit White Noise for the two count. Sheamus went for the Clover Leaf and the Brogue Kick but Ryback hit the spinebuster for a near fall.

Axel provide the distraction for Ryback to hit the Meathook clothesline before he went for Shellshock but Sheamus fought out and hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

Stephanie Mcmahon made her way to the ring when Raw returned, she talked about Daniel Bryan and his neck surgery.

She said this proves one thing, Daniel Bryan is not an A+ player, what she has been telling him all along, and his body can’t keep up regardless of what his heart wants. She said she was trying to protect him and because they don’t know what the outcome of this surgery will be, she needed Daniel to come out so she can talk to him face to face.

Instead of Daniel she got Kane, Kane dragged Daniel out, his shirt was ripped and his face looked beaten up. Stephanie came up to try and help, as did Brie and the medics put him on a stretcher and took him to the back.

BACKSTAGE: Brie was still worried about Daniel and Stephanie apologised to him but Brie gave her a menacing look before pushing her and shouting “Stay away.” Stephanie didn’t look happy!

Fandango v Dolph Ziggler

It seemed the saga with Summer Rae, Layla and Fandango was continuing as an underlying part of this match, but the match itself was fast paced, Dolph hit a drop kick to the face of Fandango before he was thrown to the outside.

Fandango went for his leg drop for the top rope, but Dolph knocked him down and hit the famouser for the near fall. Layla provided the distraction and Fandango hit a heel kick to the jaw for a near fall of his own. Layla then got stuck on the apron and the distraction allowed Dolph to hit the ZigZag doe the win.

After the match Layla apologised and Fandango then said he may have lost but he knows he’s a winner because no woman has ever made him feel the way he feels. He said Dolph may have won but he’s won something mum more valuable, his heart, before telling her he loves him. The two then kissed in the middle of the ring.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan then came out and talked about Legends house before he was interrupted by Lana who talked again about Vladimir Putin, Hacksaw then interrupted and chanted USA with the audience.

Rusev then approached the ring and Hacksaw swung around his 4x2 and refused to beg for mercy, so Rusev took away his plank of wood and snapped it in two. Rusev was about to take out Duggan when Big E made the save.

Rusev took him out with a big kick to the face but the crowd continued to chant USA.

Damien Sandow v Cody Rhodes

Sandow spoke before the match about what he wasn’t allowed to say because people were scared of what he might have to say.

Cody has been on one of the worst runs of his career as of late and was hoping his former tag partner would provide the win he craved.

Cody had the better of the opening exchanged but Damien took him out at the knee and hit a snap suplex. Cody went for Cross Rhodes but Sandow countered before Cody raked his eyes and hit the disaster kick and finally got a win.

BACKSTAGE: The Wyatt family talked about John Cena and his actions being unsurprising, Bray said they were human actions and all humans are flawed. He talked about a mighty hero returning with the head of a beast, he said last week he would never give up even if he was the last man standing. He then said he wants to put this to the test at Payback. He asked how far he was willing to go to tame this devil.

Roman Reigns v Batista

The two powerhouses collided and it seemed they evened each other out, Batista took Reigns into the corner but he fought back and threw Batista into the opposite corner. Batista then dragged Roman outside but he bounced him off the barricade and the steel steps before throwing him back in the ring.

Batista recovered and threw Roman shoulder first into the steel post, Roman then landed the head butts and a thunderous clothesline out of the corner. Triple H and Orton jumped up on the apron, as did Seth and Dean but they jumped back down.

Roman went for his kick from outside the ring but Triple H and Orton stood in his way, Seth and Dean then flew out of the ring and took them out. Reigns then landed the kick but the fight had begun as Seth was sent over the announce table and Roman went for the Superman Punch but Triple H pulled him out of the ring and went for the Pedigree but Seth jumped off the announce table and took him out.

Seth threw Triple H into the steel steps before he threw him back in the ring. The Shield tried to beat them down but Jack Swagger, Titus O’Neil, Cutis Axel, 3MB, Ryback, Brodus Clay, Damien Sandow and Fandango all began to beat down and Roman was the only one to remain after.

Triple H got a chair but Roman speared him and Seth and Dean ran back in the ring with chairs of their own and cleared the ring.

Fandango then received Dirty Deeds on a chair, Cutis Axel was hit with Peace of Mind off a chair, Heath Slater then received the Superman Punch before Ryback was speared and Triple Power-Bombed. Evolution watched from the ramp as The Shield pose in the ring and Raw went off the air.

We are now just three weeks shy of Payback and already it seems we have matches and feuds ready for the event. Six man tag, Last man standing, plus the divas had two matches tonight, but where were Paul Heyman and Cesaro? 

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This article has been written by a member of the GiveMeSport Writing Academy and does not represent the views of GiveMeSport.com or SportsNewMedia. The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the author credited at the top of this article. GiveMeSport.com and SportsNewMedia do not take any responsibility for the content of its contributors.

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