San Francisco 49ers Carlos Hyde explains why he is El Guapo

Hyde clearly loves himself

There is only one 'El Guapo' running the rule in football these days, and Carlos Hyde wants you to know that it is him and him alone.

To paraphrase Eminem: "all you other El Guapo's are just imitating." 

The former Ohio State Buckeyes running back and the new San Francisco 49ers ball carrier Hyde has an unusual Twitter username, the Spanish phrase “El Guapo.” With a handle like that you bet there has to be a story behind the name and Hyde shared that store recently.

From the San Francisco Gate:

Hyde took on the twitter name of @elguapo after it appeared on a story about him while he was a Buckeye. “I got it from an article a guy wrote about me out of Columbus (Ohio),” Hyde said. “It went from there. I changed all my social media names to ‘El Guapo.’”

There are others who have since added “Guapo” to their Twitter handle; Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah is one of them, but Hyde is making it clear that he is the one and only, nobody he'd rather be.

“I am El Guapo,” he said. “The handsome one.”

A quick insight into one of the better nicknames in the world of the NFL.

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