WWE Raw: May 19 report

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The penultimate Raw before Payback, live from London, kicked off with Bray Wyatt singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands” with the crowd.

He talked about how we lay our heads down to dream every night and that’s when we remember all the travesties that have happened to us, and in our dreams we are superheroes and we can extract revenge and payback. Then we realise we are not superheroes and continue living our lives like everything is ok, but it isn’t everything is wrong.

He talked about a teacher he used to have that thought she was better than him and told him he was rotten and the first moment she looked into his eyes she knew he was evil. He said he’s happy she is now in a retirement home whilst he has the whole world in his hands.
He then said she was right about one thing, he is evil, he is the necessary evil in this world to balance it out. He said at Payback John Cena’s fairytale will end and he will be the last man standing, but tonight Luke Harper is going to put Cena down.

Cena interrupted and Harper and Rowan headed up the ramp but he sneaked in through the crowd and hit the AA on Bray before escaping and heading back up the ramp himself and leaving the Wyatt Family with a wink.

Paul Heyman was out next with Cesaro, he pandered to the crowd telling them that he was a star and they were wannabes before lying on the mat and asking what he was, he said he was not the Queen finally dying and giving Charles the crown. He is the Undertaker except he can sit up because his client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania.

Sheamus v Cesaro

Cesaro backed Sheamus into the corner and slapped him but he replied with a thunderous clothesline and threw him over the rope ready for the ten beats of the Bourin but Cesaro escaped and ran over to Heyman.

The two got back in the ring and Cesaro missed a hiptoss which allowed Sheamus to put him back over the rope and hit ten beats of the Bourin this time.

Cesaro ran to the outside, Sheamus gave chase and Cesaro tried to hit a clothesline but he dodged it and hit a punch to the mid-section before throwing him back in the ring.

Sheamus hit a running knee followed by a springboard elbow but Sheamus was caught up on the top rope and Cesaro regained the advantage.

Raw returned with Cesaro still in control, he locked in the sleeper hold but Sheamus fought out and hit the body shots before running at Cesaro, but he moved andSheamus went shoulder first into the ring post before hitting his suplex from the apron.

Sheamus hit the Irish Curse back breaker followed by a running knee and the rolling senton but could only land a near fall.

Sheamus went for a move from the top rope but Cesaro countered with an upper-cut for a near fall of his own.

Paul Heyman then distracted the referee and Cesaro hit the German Suplex for the win. 

After the match Sheamus clapped and tried to shake his hand but Cesaro refused and headed out of the ring.

Big E v Ryback – Beat the clock challenge

Big E hit the shoulder block before going for a pin but Ryback kicked out. The opening was then back and forth as both attempted to gain the quick pin-fall.

Big E hit a belly to belly but Ryback replied with a spinbuster for a near fall before hitting the meat hook clothesline and pinning Big E three times but he kicked out.

Big E then floored Ryback with a clothesline, knocked Axel off the apron and landed the Big Ending for the win in 5:02.

R-Truth then headed out joined by The Funkadactlys before Fandango and Layla.
Fandango and Layla then kissed in the ring again and Summer Rae interrupted and kissed Fandango himself before she took down Layla and the two brawled. Fandango then pulled Layla off Summer and the two headed up the ramp.

Daniel Bryan's music hit but Stephanie came out instead and talked about the superstar. She said he had successful neck surgery last week before talking about his story, WrestleMania, Brie and the World Title.

She said he was doing everything he could to come back as an active champion,but she said she had some bad news, before showing Wade Barrett saying it and said she was contemplating stripping him of the World title and awarding it to the demon Kane. Or she could award it to Bad News Barrett, or Batista or Triple H. She said she wasn’t going to strip him of the title, but she is demanding him to show up next week on Raw and surrender the title - because that’s what’s best for business.

3MB then came out dressed as the Union Jacks and Heath told the crowd the Union Jacks were home. Lana then interrupted and praised Vladimir Putin again before Rusev headed out.

Heath Slater v Rusev

Heath tried to hit a crossbody on Rusev as he headed down the ramp but he was caught and bounced off the apron. Drew Macintyre received a kick to the face and Jinder Mahal was thrown against the barricade and steel steps.

Rusev then rolled Slater back into the ring and the match officially started. Slater hit a boot to the face followed by punches before Rusev hit a clothesline on the ropes. Rusev then slammed Heath and locked in the Accolade for the win.

BACKSTAGE: The Shield were together and Dean talked about Triple H hiding behind his “goons.” He said he thinks Evolution are scared of the Shield which he hopes not because he wants an Evolution that wants to fight.

He then showed Roman and his eye that needed stitches after a collision with Randy Orton last week, he talked about this being their brand of justice.

Roman said he had nine stitches, he said is that all they got? Because if it is they have so many problems, because they keep trying to knock them down and they keep standing tall, and they are never gonna stop coming for them.

Seth then talked about the last time he faced Batista and how he took advantage of him making an error and beat him half to death. He said he tried to put him out of action and end his career but he couldn’t get the job done and tonight he isn’t making any mistakes.

Rob Van Dam v Alberto Del Rio – Beat the clock challenge

Much like the match before them, the two went for the quick pins again in the opening stages. Del Rio hit the back breaker for a near fall before Rob hit the monkey flip and Del Rio rolled out of the ring.

Rio got back in the ring and kicked Rob in the face to knock him to the outside before dragging him back in for a near fall. Rob then hit the le drop on Del Rio but he followed this up with a back stabber.

Del Rio then went for the cross arm breaker but Rob countered and hit a kick to the face and hit Rolling Thunder before going for the five star but Del Rio moved and rolled him up for a two count.

Del Rio hit an Enziguri in the corner and went for the kick to the face but RVD rolled him up for the win with 47 seconds left.

BACKSTAGE: John Cena was with Renee Young where he talked about ambushing the Wyatts earlier, Renee asked if he had a game plan tonight and he said his plan is the same as it was last week and The Usos interrupted, Cena said this keeps the odds fair. He said the arena is full of fans who heed Wyatts message so the odds may be even further against us.
Cena says there is desperation and he loves desperation because it creates moments of opportunity to either fail or succeed. He said he doesn’t turn and run and give up, he will fight and find that opportunity seize it and win because he has the heart of a champion before they started dancing and chanting.

BACKSTAGE: Evolution were also chatting and they were talking about The Shield, Triple H said if they think that’s all they have then they’re wrong, he said what Randy did to Roman’s eye is just the start. Randy then said they can take them out one by one and that can start tonight, Batista can go out and ensure Rollins doesn’t make it to Payback.

Seth Rollins v Batista

None of the members of The Shield were allowed at ringside so Seth came out alone before Triple H came out as the special guest ring announcer and said Randy Orton was the quest time keeper.

Seth stepped out of the ring before the match started and announced Roman and Dean as the guest commentators.

The two group had a stare down before Randy rang the bell and Batista went straight after Seth before Rollins attacked Batista in the corner and knocked him to the outside where Batista bounced Rollins off the barricade.

Batista then tried to slam Rollins but he fought out and hit a flying kick to the face.
Raw returned with Batista on top as he threw Seth over the steel steps and bounced him off them head first. Batista then put Seth in the apron and kicked him off before Triple H tried to involve himself but thought better of it.

Batista then turned Seth inside out with an elbow for a near fall before irish whipping him into the corner with force. But Rollins fought back with a neck breaker from the top rope. Batista then hit Rollins with a boot to the face but Seth hit the spinning neck breaker.

BatIsta then tried to slam Seth but he countered and landed on his feet before kicking Batista to the outside and flying out after him. Seth then threw Batista back in the ring whilst Triple H and Orton looked on and Orton tried to pull him off the apron.

Dean and Roman dropped the commentary gear and headed to ringside whilst Seth went for a springboard move but Batista hit a spinebuster before going for the spear but Seth countered with a kick to the face. Seth then hit the knee to the side of the head for a near fall.

Seth then climbed up to the top rope and Orton distracted the referee whilst Triple H pushed him off. Dean then went after Triple H but was thrown over the announce table before Roman bounced Randy off the table but Orton found a chair and hit him in the mid section and over the back.

Randy then went to get another chair but Ambrose ran across the announce tables and took him out before Triple H punched Dean and then punched Seth to give the DQ.

Batista hit the spear on Seth whilst Triple H went for the pedigree on Dean outside but Dean threw him over the announce table before he ran up onto the apron and was punched by Batista. But Roman slid in and speared Batista before picking Seth up and going for the Triple powerbomb but Triple H and Randy saved him and pulled him out of the ring.

Alicia Fox v Paige

Paige had a standing ovation in her home country but Alicia started the match up with a kick straight in the face before Paige landed the head-butts before hitting the hair-pull slam.

Alicia then rolled to the outside and Paige followed but was put on the barricade and pushed off. Alicia then hit a back breaker before Paige hit the Paige Turner but Alicia kicked out.

Alicia then threw Paige into the ring post and kicked her threw the ropes before she dragged her into the centre of the ring and pinned her for the win.

After the match Alicia hugged the referee before celebrating at ringside with Jerry Lawlers hat and walking along the barricade taking a child's drink and throwing it all over herself.

BACKSTAGE: Luke Harper said Cena is playing a dangerous game, calling Cena a mouse and saying the snake is getting tired of it. Bray said it appears Cena had brought reinforcements in the Usos but just like domino’s they will all fall down.

Mark Henry v Dolph Ziggler – Beat the clock challenge

Henry knocked Dolph down straight out before hitting the power slam for a near fall. Dolph fought back with an elbow from the corner and a variation of the famouser for a near fall of his own.

Dolph then hit successive drop kicks for another near fall but Henry kicked out with authority. Dolph climbed the ropes but was caught in mid air and hit a power slam for a two count.
Henry went for the worlds strongest slam but Dolph countered into the ZigZag but the time on the clock had run out.

RVD then came out as it was announced he was the winner of the Beat the Clock challenge, but Rob was attacked from behind by Bad News Barrett as he hit the bullhammer.

Barrett said he had some bad news, he has to fight him for the Intercontinental Championship, but not right now because they are in London, his home town. He said he may have set the time tonight but the English set the time for the entire world and there is no way that at Payback this Englishman was going to lose to a bloody yank!

Renee Young then announced Adam Rose and he and the exotic express came out, Renee asked about being a RoseBud and he said you have to not be a lemon. The crowd then started Fandangoing to Adam Rose’s theme. Renee asked why he had been targeting Zeb and Jack. He said he wasn’t he was trying to make them stop being bitter little lemons.

Zeb and Jack interrupted came down to the ring, Zeb said he was the problem in his country and would become the problem in this country too. He said he doesn’t know how he got into America or how he got into Britain but he fits in better her with these freaks.

Zeb said he embarrassed last week and now he wanted to settle it. Zeb looked like he was getting ready, but Swagger hit Rose with a cheap shot before stomping on him. Swagger then went after the RoseBuds but Adam got up and took Swagger down. Swagger rolled out of the ring but got back up onto the apron and was knocked down.

John Cena headed to the ring accompanied by The Usos for his match against Luke Harper.

John Cena v Luke Harper

Harper went straight after Cena hitting clubbing blows to his back before Cena fought back with a Bulldog and a boot to the face for a near fall.

Harper was dominating Cena when Raw returned but Cena fought back with the shoulder block but was taken down by a big boot.

Cena then slammed Harper and went for the five knuckle shuffle but Harper countered into a variation of a suplex but Cena moved out the way of a boot to the face and knocked Harper to the outside.

Harper was straight back up and in the ring though and Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle and went for the AA but Harper reversed it and hit a face plant for a near fall. Harper then hit the head scissor take down followed by a drop kick to kick Cena outside before flying out after him.
Cena hit a tornado DDT from the top rope for a near fall, Cena then hit a head scissor take down of his own but Harper got the boot to the face for a two count.

Cena locked in the STF but Harper dragged Cena to the bottom rope and forced the break whilst Rowan tried to interfere but Jimmy super kicked him off the apron before Jey ran across the barricade and knocked both Bray and Eric down.

Bray ran into the ring and hit Sister Abigail on Jimmy before Jey ran in to help and also got planted with Sister Abigail. John Cena then knocked Bray out of the ring and Harper slammed Cena off the distraction for a near fall.

Cena hit the AA but Rowan ran in and attacked Cena causing the disqualification. Rowan then held Cena ready for Sister Abigail but Cena fought out, only to be hit with Sister Abigail anyway. Rowan and Harper then beat Cena all the way up the ramp before Rowan hit a throw-away slam on the steel and Bray hit Sister Abigail on the stage and Harper counted to ten whilst Bray sang “he’s got the whole world in his hands” to end this week’s Raw.

WWE have set up a few more matches for next week's Payback this week, Paige v Alicia...Adam Rose v Jack Swagger...And how will Evolution and John Cena respond to the happenings this week? More importantly, will Daniel Bryan surrender the WWE Title? The final Raw before Payback threatens to be explosive!

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This article has been written by a member of the GiveMeSport Writing Academy and does not represent the views of GiveMeSport.com or SportsNewMedia. The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the author credited at the top of this article. GiveMeSport.com and SportsNewMedia do not take any responsibility for the content of its contributors.

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