WWE Raw: Report May 26

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The final Raw before Payback kicked off with a tribute to the American troops in recognition of Memorial Day.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H got the show underway with Stephanie talking about Daniel Bryan straight off, she spoke about whether or not he will surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Champion or not. She said it was the right thing to do because Daniel can’t physically compete in the ring the way the champion should.

Triple H then pitched in telling the crowd that he’s sure Daniel doesn’t want to surrender the title but he has to. He talked about choices and how every generation has superstars who rise to the top. Some who are flashes in the pan like Daniel Bryan and some who stand the test of time, year after year and generation after generation, obviously talking about himself and Evolution.

He then plugged The Shield v Evolution for Sunday’s Payback and announced the contract signing for tonight, he said The Shield could adapt and not show up on Sunday or they can sign them and perish, that’s their choice.

Stephanie then called out Brad Maddox who last week made The Shield guest commentators for the Seth Rollins v Batista match last week because that was his choice and Stephanie then said that she doesn’t have a choice now and Kane came out.

Triple H then punched Brad in the face and left him to Kane who chokeslammed him before tombstoning him. Stephanie then called off Kane’s music and Stephanie fired Brad.

Cesaro v Rob Van Dam

Before the match started RVD’s opponent on Sunday, Bad News Barrett made his way down the ramp and had some bad news for us, he talked about summer and the fact that Indian summer is over for RVD because he will retain his title on Sunday.

Cesaro hit RVD off the distraction but RVD fought back and hit his scissor leg pin before he took Cesaro down but the King of Swing slammed RVD to the mat.

RVD then clotheslined Cesaro out of the ring and moon-sault on top of him but Cesaro caught Rob and bounced him head first off the barricade.

Raw returned with RVD in a pinning predicament but Rob kicked out continuously, Cesaro then picked RVD up over his head and slammed him to the mat, Rob fought back with a kick to the face followed by Rolling Thunder but Cesaro kicked out of the pin attempt.

Cesaro then rolled to the outside and RVD leaped out after him and Bad News Barrett tried to involve himself and was thrust kicked in the face. Rob then climbed back in the ring and hit the springboard moon-sault for another near fall.

Rob went for the five star frog splash but Bad News Barrett involved himself and Cesaro hit the German Suplex for the win.

As soon as the bell rang Cesaro’s opponent this Sunday, Sheamus ran out and Brogue kicked Cesaro straight in the face before shaking his hand as he lay motionless in the ring.

Eva Marie v Summer Rae

Summer Rae kicked off the match, slapping Eva in the face before Eva fained an injury and knocked Summer down but she hit a hair assisted slam.

Summer seemed to have the upperhand and was bouncing Eva off the mat when Fandango and Layla made their entrance and began kissing on the stage, Eva rolled Summer up off the distraction for the win.

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton and Batista were backstage talking about tonight’s contract signing and Cody and Goldust interrupted and said they were issuing an open challenge tonight. Randy and Cody then traded insults about Cody being fired before Triple H interrupted and said Batista and Randy were going to face the Rhodes brothers tonight, but it won’t be an ordinary match.

Drew Macintyre v El Torito

The rivalry between these two teams continued as Drew Macintyre faced off against The Bull. Drew started the match by pushing Torito and taunting him but the Bull ran and kicked Drew before Drew caught him and went to slam him but Torito countered with an arm drag but Drew recovered and bounced him off the mat.

Drew then picked Torito up and threw him around the ring like a doll before he picked him up and climbed up to the top rope with him on his shoulders but Los Matadores provided the distraction for El Torito to bounce Drew off the ring-post and cover him for the win.

After the match 3MB attacked El Torito and Hornswoggle tried to take his mask off but instead ripped his tail off and Torito ran up the ramp, apparently ashamed.

BACKSTAGE: El Torito and Los Matadores were with the doctor where his tail was put on ice.

Bray Wyatt made his way to the ring and sang “he’s got the whole world in his hands” before addressing the WWE Universe and telling them he has truly got the whole world in his hands.

He said the world leans on him because he wants what’s best for everyone, but it’s not easy because we all have to make sacrifices, sometimes without even knowing it. He then talked about the poison if life already setting in and there was only one way to cure a snake bite.

He said he was the necessary evil that this world needs and if we are his brother or sister we will stand beside him but if we are his enemy we will fall at his feet and John Cena is an enemy to us all.

He said Cena shouldn’t be the only one punished and to get to Cena he needs to go through the pawns before setting his sights on Jerry Lawler asking him to come into the ring to which he refused.

Rowan and Harper then headed out to forcefully take him to the ring, JBL then got up instead and Harper hit him with a wicked clothesline before Rowan and Harper disposed of him on the outside. Lawler was then forced to get in the ring where Bray Wyatt asked him about John Cena.

He said Jerry has helped Cena to become what he is by feeding the audience through his commentary, he said he has fed the poison and it’s now out of control. He asked if Jerry felt guilty and how it felt to be a liar, he asked if he really thought he would get away with this before Bray apologised and went to deliver Sister Abigail but John made the save and knocked Harper and Rowan down but they fought back.

Cena was then held back and forced to watch as Bray delivered Sister Abigail to Jerry, but The Usos came to his aid and cleared the ring.

John then told Bray he has crossed some serious lines, he told him he has had a taste of power and it’s made him sick. He said he should look at what he’s just tried to do, it was not a necessary evil, it’s just plain evil.

John said he believes in who he is and what he does and he believes Bray needs to be stopped and Payback is not about winning or losing it’s about being the last man standing. He said at Payback he will bring Bray to justice and justice may be blind but for him it will be a bitch.

When Raw returned Jerry told the WWE Universe that JBL was shaken up and in the trainer’s room.

Zack Ryder then came out with an American flag and tried to talk about Memorial Day but was interrupted by Lana who again talked about Vladimir Putin before Rusev was introduced.

Rusev v Zack Ryder

Ryder tried to fight and got in a few punches before he was slammed and forced to tap to the accolade.

Big E then ran to the ring and Rusev took him into the corner but Big E ran out and knocked Rusev out of the ring before waving the American flag and chanting USA.
BACKSTAGE: Stephanie was seen talking to Alberto Del Rio apparently about the WWE title.

Randy Orton and Batista v Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Cody and Batista started things off with Batista seemingly taken his frustration out on Cody as he threw him into the corner. Cody did fight back and tagged in Goldust whilst Randy gained the tag on the other side.

Goldust slammed Randy for the near fall before Cody received the tag and hammered away at Randy in the corner but Randy hit the kick to the mid-section before the two exchanged blows in the centre of the ring and Randy knocked him down before tagging in Batista.
Goldust came in off the hot tag and hit the atomic drop but Randy caused the distraction and Batista hit the spine-buster for a near fall.

Raw returned with Batista dominating Goldust before the veteran fought back trying to knock Randy off the apron but Batista hit a thunderous clothesline for a near fall.

Cody and Orton got the tags and collided, Cody hit the missile drop kick for a near fall of his own before hitting the disaster kick on Batista and went for the disaster kick on Orton but he reversed it into the RKO. He then waited and delivered a second RKO for the three count.
It was then announced that the match was an elimination match, and Cody had to leave and Goldust had to continue in a handicap no holds barred match.

Goldust tried to fight but the numbers game caught up to him and he was bounced spine first off the barricade before he was thrown into the barricade over the other side.

Goldust was then thrown back into the ring and Randy tried to hit his DDT off the ropes but Goldust countered but ran into a spear from Batista before an RKO and a Batista Bomb sealed his fate.

Sin Cara v Bo Dallas

Following his successful debut against Sin Cara on Samckdown, Bo Dallas made his Raw debut against the same opponent.

Before the match Bo talked about conquering ourselves instead of a mountain and all you had to do is Bolieve.

Bo knocked Sin Cara down and jumped out of the ring to celebrate but Sin Cara knocked him down with a kick through the ropes.

Bo then hit a suplex followed by a running knee to the face but Sin Cara fought back with kicks to his legs and slaps across his chest before a two count a moonsault. Cara then hit the springboard elbow and went for his finisher but Bo moved and Cara was bounced off the ring post and hit with a running Bodog for the win.

After the match Bo thanked his Bolievers and said you only get satisfaction from effort because if you give it everything you’ve got, you are already a winner.

Stephanie made her way out again and talked about choices and how important it is to have an active WWE Champion. She then asked Daniel Bryan to do the right thing and he made his way to the ring.

Stephanie then told Daniel to do the right thing for the fans and surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Daniel said winning the title was his pay off for years of sacrifice, but Stephanie has a point and he announced that the injury to his neck was worse than he thought.

Daniel then handed over the title and said he will heal and come back stronger than ever, Stephanie then said she guarantee’s he will have another shot as soon as he’s healed.

Daniel said the people deserve an awesome WWE Champion, Daniel said it was not about him it’s about Stephanie, he said she has been trying to strip him of the title since Wrestlemania and he won’t hand the title over to her because it would negate everything he had fought for.

Daniel then said no to Stephanie and so she talked about Brie and how she put her hands on her a few weeks ago. She said Daniel will have to decide on Sunday if he will surrender the title or she will fire his wife.

Alicia Fox v Emma

It was announced that Alicia will face Paige at Payback for the Divas title before the match and Emma locked Alicia in the DilEmma before the EmmaMite Sandwich and Alicia then got out of the ring and walked away, Emma chased her and was hit with a wicked clothesline before Alicia rolled her back into the ring for a near fall.

Paige was shown watching from backstage whilst Emma was backed into the corner and dodged a kick from Alicia and rolled her up for the win.

After the match Alicia attacked Emma and bounced her off the barricade before dragging her back into the ring and hitting the back breaker and throwing Emma on the floor outside.

Alicia then approached the announce table before taking the bell and yelling, I am not a loser, she then started abusing the WWE staff before giving one of them a wedgie and found some drinks under the stage and threw them over herself.

Damien Sandow then came to the ring dressed as Davey Crocket for his match.

Davey Crocket v Adam Rose

Adam Rose finally made his long awaited in-ring debut and decided to roll around the ring a few times after countering an arm bar.

Adam then hit a knock down on Crocket before he was interrupted by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter who had apparently kidnapped the lemon.

Crocket tried to take advantage with a roll-up but Rose hit a headlock driver for the win.

After the match Swagger attacked Rose but Rose fought back with a spine-buster and knocked Swagger back out of the ring.

Sheamus v Alberto Del Rio

The match started with a lock up between the two before Sheamus took Del Rio into the corner, before he hit a knee to the face from the second rope.

Sheamus then hit ten beats of the Bourin on Del Rio before he bounced him off the announce table.

Del Rio was in control when Raw returned but Sheamus fought out with the double axe-handle knockdowns but Del Rio moved out of the way and Sheamus was sent shoulder first into the steel post and Del Rio hit the kick to his face for a near fall.

Sheamus then hit the Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count but Del Rio hit another kick to the head and Sheamus hit White Noise followed by a slam before he went for the Brogue Kick. But Del Rio hit another kick to the head followed by a shining wizard to the face and Sheamus shockingly kicked out at two.

Del Rio went for the cross arm breaker but Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

Paul Heyman was at ringside after the match and reminded the Universe Brock Lesnar defeated Undertakers undefeated streak at Wrestlemania before telling him he is facing Cesaro at Payback and Cesaro then attacked Sheamus from behind and continued the abuse to his head and face before he hit the neutralizer and left the ring with Heyman.

The Shield headed out to the ring first for the contract signing for Sunday’s match, Dean took Michael Cole’s microphone and talked about this being the last time Evolution and The Shield will be in the same ring on Raw because one of the teams will be eliminated on Sunday. Whilst Seth and Roman destroyed the ring and threw the chairs and table out.

Evolution then made their way to the ring as Triple H told them to be aware of what they are signing, he said this would be the last time we would see The Shield on Monday Night Raw.

Triple H said he remembers watching the ink dry on their contracts when they got here and now ironically he is going to see them sign the one then sends them back into obscurity. 

The Shield signed the contract before Roman threw it out of the ring to Triple H who then allowed Evolution to sign the page.

Triple H then told them they were going to be a statistic but Reigns interrupted and told him to shut up and get in the ring and fight.

They finally all went at it as Roman took Batista, Seth took Orton and Dean took Triple H before Seth took Triple H out on the outside and Batista hit Dean but Roman hit the spear. The Shield looked like they were on top until Triple H hit Roman with the sledgehammer, Seth was RKO’s and Dean was speared and Roman was hit again with the sledgehammer.none

Dean tried to get up and was hit with the sledgehammer before they hit the triple powerbomb on Roman through the announce table.

Evolution then played to the crowd as Raw went off the air.

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