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The fallout from Payback last night kicked off in true Raw fashion with Evolution heading to the ring.

Batista shockingly was still there amid speculation that he would be gone, Triple H said “ they say it’s always darkest just before the dawn” he said that The Shield thought they had won and that it was over, they don’t get it, he never loses he always wins.

He said this will not be over until The Shield no longer exists and that happens tonight, Batista said he doesn’t want another match with The Shield he wants his title match he was promised. Triple H said there was a reason he was the leader and the boss because he sees the bigger picture and a plan, Batista said he doesn’t care about the plan he wants a 1-on-1 championship match and he wants it tonight.

Triple H said Bryan is injured and can’t compete so he can’t give him the shot and even if he did he’d probably choke in it. He then apologised and blamed it on stress. He then talked about his plan and said he wasn’t going down as the guy who couldn’t beat The Shield and when The Shield are no more they will get all they dream but until that time no one if getting anything. Batista said he understands and he quits. And walked out.

Triple H shouted after him but he wouldn’t come back and Randy and Triple H then stood in the ring seemingly annoyed.

BACKSTAGE: Batista talked about empty promises and said that was why he was done with it.

Sheamus and Rob Van Dam v Cesaro and Bad News Barrett

After their various title matches last night, a tag team match was made between these four men. Cesaro went straight after Sheamus throwing him into the corner but Sheamus fought out with a kick to the face and a battering ram from the top rope.

Cesaro hit a gut wrench slam but Sheamus exploded out of the corner and delivered a clothesline before going for the ten beats of the Bourin but Cesaro got the tag out to Barrett. Sheamus took Barrett down with a thunderous clothesline and tagged out to Rob Van Dam who hit a heel kick to the face for a near fall.

RVD then went for his springboard high kick but Rob was taken down with an elbow to the face, Cesaro then hit a gut wrench suplex to RVD and tagged in Barrett who hit an elbow drop for a two count.

RVD tried to fight back with kicks and punches but Barrett elbowed him out of the ring and brought in Cesaro who threw him into the barricade and back into the ring for a near fall. RVD hit the heel kick to the face and tagged in Sheamus whilst Cesaro tagged Barrett and the pace quickened.

Sheamus knocked Cesaro off the apron before slamming Barrett to the mat, Cesaro tried the ambush but was also slammed, Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Cesaro grabbed Heyman and was pulled out of the ring so Barrett could hit Winds of Change for a two count.
Cesaro and Heyman then left leaving Barrett alone he went for Wasteland and Van Dam tagged in, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick and RVD hit the five-star-frog-slash for the win.

Heyman and Cesaro watched the ending of the match from the top of the ramp.
Damien Sandow was out in a different disguise again this week and talked about Lebron James being the best basketball player in history and talked about the Indiana Pacers being losers. He said as an act of charity he would give a public display of his skills before he was interrupted but the returning Big Show. 

Damien asked why he had interrupted and asked him to shoot the ball, Big Show took the ball and threw it into his groin before knock out punching him and dunking the ball.

Kofi Kingston v Bo Dallas

These two should have clashed the night before at Payback but Kane interrupted and attacked Kofi after the tweets he had sent about the authority, so finally the two had a match.
Bo knocked Kofi down before jumping out of the ring and shouting “I’m winning.” Kofi pushed him off a headlock before hitting an elbow and a drop kick to the newcomer.

The two then shook hands and Bo tried to kick Kofi but he had it scouted and knocked him to the floor. Bo hit a swinging neck-breaker and a back body drop before various knees to the face.

Kofi hit a missile drop kick from the second rope before landing the chops and hitting a monkey flip followed by a crossbody for a near fall. Kofi went for another flip and was hung up on the top rope before Bo hit the running Bo-dog for the win.

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie was with Renee Young, Renee was looking for Triple H and Stephanie told her he was busy but she was heading to the ring to talk about the world title.

Stephanie headed to the ring and talked about last night where Daniel Bryan apparently showed his true colours and chose himself over his wife and the WWE Universe because he refused to surrender the title.

She talked about Brie and said she should have been fired a long time ago but she showed restraint and got a slap in the face for it. She said she’s tough, she’s a McMahon she can live with herself, but can Daniel knowing his wife’s dreams are shattered because of him.
She said in four weeks’ time at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view Daniel Bryan will be defending the World Title in a stretcher match against Kane but if Daniel can’t compete then the World title will be vacant and up for grabs in the traditional ladder match.

John Cena’s music then hit and the former Champion headed to the ring, Steph congratulated him on his win last night and asked if he was ok. John thanked her and said he hadn’t seen the last of Bray. John talked about Stephanie’s job and the things she gets wrong. The crowd chanted “Lets go Cena, Cena sucks” and Stephanie tried to say something but John told her the crowd having fun is what’s best for business.

He said what wasn’t best for business is the situation with the World title, he said he knows what it takes to win and lose a championship and to give away a championship. He said the WWE Universe deserves to see a fighting champion and no one person is bigger than that championship. Stephanie agreed but John turned on her and said she was a “jealous, spoilt, ego maniac.” John said no one was bigger than the title.

He understood that she didn’t like Daniel Bryan but she had to face facts, he is really good. He said the WWE Universe can be as loud as they want for whoever they want but they had to prove themselves in the ring and Daniel Bryan does that whenever he steps in the ring.
Cena talked about his surgeries and Triple H’s surgeries and even Stephanie’s and said that Daniel Bryan is best for business.

He said in a job evaluation he would give Stephanie a zero because she sucks and Stephanie said she doesn’t care. Stephanie then said that she would give John an opportunity tonight to show how tough he really is as he goes 1 on 1 with Kane before announcing that that match was right now. She said Payback’s a bitch but so is she.

John Cena v Kane

Kane was on top when Raw returned and Cena was trying to start a rally but Kane floored him for a near fall. Cena was obviously not a hundred percent after his Last Man Standing match with Bray Wyatt the night before.

Kane took advantage of this but Cena continued to fight hitting a drop kick but Kane hit the side walk slam for a two count. Cena got the five knuckle shuffle and went for the AA but Kane hit an elbow to the face and took him into the corner.

Kane continued to punch Cena in the corner and was disqualified for going past the five count.

Kane then pulled Cena out of the ring and threw him into the steel steps before he went for the tombstone on the steps, Cena sent Kane shoulder first off the steel post and threw the steps at Kane leaving the demon in a heap. John Cena then left and Kane lost it at ringside and started throwing chairs around.

BACKSTAGE: Renee was with Randy Orton and he talked about what happened earlier, he said he and Triple H are still on the same page and he has been granted a match tonight against Roman Reigns.

Los Matadores v Drew Macintyre and Heath Slater

Before the match 3MB welcomed back Hornswoggle who was now wearing an afro wig to disguise his shaved head.

Diego and Heath clashed and Diego sweeped Heaths legs from under him before Heath knocked Diego down.

Hornswoggle then tried to pose with his new hair but El Torito stole his wig and Hornswoggle tried to run to the back, embarrassed but fell over his own feet. The distraction allowed Diego to roll Heath up for the win.

El Torito wore the wig after the match as he danced with Los Matadores.

Nikki Bella v Alicia Fox and Aksana (Handicap match)

Nikki said backstage that she wished her sister was here and Stephanie had heard her and set this match up for her.

Aksana and Nikki started things out and Nikki slammed her before Alicia kicked Nikki through the ropes before Aksana made the tag.

Nikki fought out of the corner and went for a pin on Alicia but Aksana broke it up and Alicia hit a scissor kick for the win.

After the match Alicia threw Nikki out of the ring before celebrating, Aksana then went after Nikki and attacked her before Alicia hit a back breaker on her on the outside and then threw her into the barricade.

BACKSTAGE: Rowan and Harper said they were taking up Bray’s cause and going up against The Usos and they were going to achieve retribution by putting them down, The Usos will suffer for their misdeeds and burn.

Adam Rose v Jack Swagger

Before the match Zeb again talked about his deportation list before Rose and the Exotic Express interrupted.

The two met Friday on Smackdown and Rose embarrassed Swagger so this was his chance at revenge, Rose started by spanking Swagger and hitting various elbows to the face before Swagger dropped Rose with a kick to the face.

Swagger hit a belly to belly slam for a near fall Rose hit punches to the face and an atomic drop before he hit a modified DDT for the win.

BACKSTAGE: The Usos talked about their match tonight, they said they had a blast last night at Payback and tonight they would handle their business. The asked if they had seen a pitbull cornered and that is how crazy the Usos can get.

The Usos v Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

This rivalry has been building for a while as the two teams did the bidding for John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

Finally the four men met two on two and even though they were all taped up after last night Jimmy really took it to Erick Rowan with punches to the face before Luke Harper was tagged in.

Jey came in off the tag and took Harper into the corner but Harper hit back with a drop kick. Rowan got the tag and kicked and knee dropped Jey before he slapped Rowan in the face.
Rowan slammed Jey to the mat and went for an elbow but Jey moved, only to be crushed into the corner. Rowan wen for a back drop but Jey landed on his feet and crawled over to make the tag.

Jimmy tried to pick up the pace with kicks and flips but he couldn’t get the big man over. Rowan went for a leg drop but Jimmy moved and hit a kick to the face for a two count.

Jimmy then dropkicked Rowan out of the ring before the two combined to knock Harper out with the double team. Raw returned with Rowan and Harper on top, Jimmy and Jey fought back with their usual super-kicks and before squashing Harper in the corner and Rowan has to break up the three count.

Harper hit a boot to the face for a two count before Jey knocked him down and went for the splash but Rowan tried to knock him down so Jey jumped out of the ring after him.

Harper then flew out after Jey and Jimmy flew out after Harper, they rolled Harper back into the ring and he went for the splash but Harper lifted the knees and went for the clothesline but Jey hit a superkick for a near fall.

Rowan came in and Jey went for the superkick but he caught him and slammed him for the win.

Dolph Zigger v Alberto Del Rio (Money in the Bank qualifying match)

The winner of this match would have a place in the Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view of the same name at the end of this month.

Del Rio got the better of the opening exchanges before Ziggler countered with a drop kick to the face knocking both men down.

Ziggler then hit a cross body and reigned down the punches before a back drop saw Ziggler hand on his feet and hit the Famouser for a two count.

Del Rio hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and went for a high risk move off the top rope but Ziggler countered into a face-plant from the top rope for another two count.

Del Rio went for the big kick but missed and instead locked in the cross arm breaker and Ziggler tapped.

BACKSTAGE: Cody and Goldust were shown talking.

Goldust and Sin Cara v RybAxel

Cody told Goldust last night to find a new tag team partner and Goldust had chosen Sin Cara. Goldust and Axel started the match up before the quick tag out to Ryback and Sin Cara.

The two worked well as a team and used quick tags to try to wear their opponents down but Ryback knocked Goldust out of the ring with a thunderous collision before Axel tagged in and threw him into the barricade.

Sin Cara got the tag and hit a kick to the face before going for the senton bomb but Axel moved and hit the Axehole for the win.

Lana was out next to introduce Rusev who came out in a suit for what was being called a hero of the Russian Federation ceremony.

Rusev stood on what looked like a podium and the crowd chanted USA so Lana told them to show some respect. Rusev was given an award for services to Russia before he made a speech, apparently in Russian.

Triple H made the Randy Orton v Roman Reigns match after Batista walked out on Evolution earlier in the night. Before the match asked how The Shield looked because they felt great. He said they faced their greatest challenge to date against Evolution and it was a clean sweep.

Seth talked about the adapt or perish theory and The Shield adapted whilst Evolution perished as they imploded earlier tonight. He said they perished because they didn’t become one last night like The Shield did. Roman said they weren’t brothers and the men standing in the ring right now are brothers, he the called out Orton and said he would break his jaw with the symbol of excellence.

Triple H came out with his sledgehammer and followed Orton whilst Seth grabbed chairs from ringside.

Triple H said what he did better than anyone is adapt and last night was plan A and tonight plan B, because there’s always a plan B and with that Roman and Dean stepped forward and Seth attacked them from behind hitting Roman with the chair before he hit Dean in the mid section and over the back with the chair as well. He then reigned down chair shots on both Ambrose and Reigns before the chair broke.

He then picked up another chair and the crowd chanted “you sold out” as he hit Peace of mind off the chair on Ambrose. Seth then gave Orton the chair and he attacked Roman Reigns with it before he again took off his vest and showed the bruises from last night before he RKO’d him off the chair.

Seth and Triple H came into the ring and Triple H mouthed “I win” as Raw went off the air.

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