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An action packed day of sport culminated with UFC 174 taking place from Vancouver, Canada where Demetrious 'Mighty Mouse' Johnson retained his UFC Flyweight title, while Rory MacDonald and Ryan Bader dominated their opponents and Andrei Arlovski returned to the UFC with a controversial split decision victory, and much more.

UFC Flyweight Championship - (C) Demetrious Johnson (19-2-1) vs. #4 Ali Bagautinov (13-2-0)

Round One: These two are barely separated in the tale of the tape. They start fast paced movement, searching for the early shots. Leg kicks in order and good jabs. Bagautinov is beating Johnson to the punch.

Not much in the way of big strikes but Bagautinov is having to throw bombs to try and reach Johnson. The Russian gets Johnson against the cage, his preferred method of attack. Johnson is getting some nice knees to counter the pressure.

Just as the referee is about call for a break up, the two get into it and Johnson lands some flush knees but Bagautinov gets the takedown to end the round.

Score - 10-9 Johnson

Round Two: Johnson's stamina shows in the break as he's conversing with his corner more than anyone tonight after round one.

Johnson is able to get a clinch but has to break it up as Bagautinov is nearly able to grab the leg and takedown.

Johnson is controlling the fight pace, speeding around Bagautinov and he lands a high kick. Bagautinov can't get close and then both fighters land nice shots. Johnson with a right hand, Bagautinov high kick.

Clinch against the cage with Bagautinov doing the work. Johnson's counter clinch efforts though are making this less than effective for Bagautinov, especially as he can't get the takedown he wants.

We end the round with the clinch but Johnson is barely breaking a sweat.

Round - 10-9 Johnson

Round Three: A little less conversation from Johnson there but he still looks pretty fresh as we start the third round with him circling Bagautinov.

Body kick from Johnson opens up Bagautinov and he lands a nice combo. Bagautinov finds the clinch again but Johnson is winning those with knees.

Bagautinov lands the right hand counter that he's been looking for but not enough behind it to truly rock Johnson. Johnson keeping up with more of the same but Bagautinov catches him and a big suplex.

Johnson scampers to his feet and into a clinch, Bagautinov uses everything to get Johnson down and can't keep him there. Another clinch and Bagautinov goes for another takedown.

Score - 10-9 Johnson

Round Four: Heading into the championship rounds now and Bagautinov must know he's behind and needs a finish. Johnson's team can see Bagautinov tiring.

Another small clinch in favour of Johnson as the pace has slowed a little bit but Johnson still in control. Lower guard from Bagautinov maybe baiting in Johnson but he'll need more than that.

Johnson shoots in for a takedown, changes it up and knee to the head of Bagautinov is the result. Slip from Johnson and Bagautinov nearly lands flush on Johnson. A bit of control has slipped away from Johnson.

Two involved in a close clinch that results in a nice trade, as we get towards the end of the round, Johnson nearly transitions into a rear naked choke as the round ends.

Score - 10-9 Johnson

Round Five: Johnson has nearly three times the strikes of Bagautinov. Bagautinov tries to get the crowd pumped for this final round but all gets a small response. Only fair, a lack of finishes and home country boy has been and gone.

Bagautinov has a single leg attempt in the clinch but nothing comes of it. Reports on Twitter suggest that fans are streaming out of the building, not great news there.

Johnson lands a combo coming out of the clinch but they're back in again. Bagautinov nearly takes down Johnson but Johnson's left leg bent back in on itself and he lets out a huge scream of pain.

Johnson tags Bagautinov and follows up with a wheel kick that nearly costs him as Bagautinov shoots for takedown.

30 seconds left and Bagautinov swings for the fences but Johnson takes the clinch to end the fight.

Score - 10-9 Johnson

Result: Demetrious Johnson defeats Ali Bagautinov via Unanimous Decision (50-45 x3)

Post-fight, Johnson says he respects Bagautinov's ability to stay standing after hitting such heavy head kicks. He also calls himself the 'King' of the flyweight division, and he'll keep knocking down whatever is put in front of him.

Welterweight - #2 Rory MacDonald (16-2-0) vs. #4 Tyron Woodley (13-2-0)

Round One: MacDonald has the reach advantage but the disadvantage of a terrible haircut. MacDonald on the aggressive as the crowd chant "Let's go Rory!"

Woodley takes it to the cage, nice knees to the body to follow up. They break and MacDonald tries the switch up head kick twice.

Back against the cage with Woodley in control but that only livens the crowd to chant for Rory more. Woodley catches the leg on a kick but Rory scrambles well to recover.

MacDonald peppering Woodley with kicks and well placed jabs and corners Woodley. MacDonald is just picking Woodley apart with with quick combos.

Score - 10-9 MacDonald

Round Two: Woodley has to avoid getting penned up. MacDonald tried for an axe kick. Woodley now throwing the kicks as well but he looks off focus as MacDonald continues to herd him against the cage.

They trade more kicks but it's MacDonald who is following up. Controlled, pinpoint combos here as Woodley is feeling the pressure. Woodley needs to go in for something soon.

Once again this round is all MacDonald's as he is dictating the space Woodley has to move. MacDonald lands a five punch jab combo to the head and body. Head kick lands sweetly from MacDonald.

Big right hand from MacDonald and MacDonald is taunting Woodley, waving his arms in front of Woodley's face. No respect.

Score - 10-9 MacDonald

Round Three: Just like in the last fight, the man behind comes out swinging but it doesn't last and back to MacDonald in control, forcing Woodley against the cage.

Referee, John McCarthy, gives Woodley the warning. MacDonald goes for the takedown and he gets it, which is surprising as Woodley has stuffed 32 of the last 34 attempts on him. Woodley holding guard well.

Woodley has a tight grip on MacDonald's wrist, which limits MacDonald's offence but gives him no avenue of attack. MacDonald tries to find a finish by coming out of guard.

MacDonald gets full mount and the hunt for the finish is on as the Canadian crowd chants "Rory!". Big hands to the head of Woodley as the crowd screams for MacDonald. The fight ends and MacDonald overcomes the haircut.

Score - 10-9 MacDonald

Result: Rory MacDonald defeats Tyron Woodley via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

MacDonald says that the fight went to their plan and that he was worried about the threat of Woodley throughout. Rogan asks him about his chances at a title shot, he says that's he's ready and that one day soon, he'll be the new champion.

Light Heavyweight -  #9 Ryan Bader (16-4-0) vs. #11 Rafael Cavalcante (12-4-0)

Round One: Bader starts by getting control on Cavalcante, has him up against the cage, working the knees inside and trying to get him down to the ground by taking out the legs.

Nice leg work from Bader, big knees to the left thigh and constant tripping. Cavalcante gets out, Bader goes in for hook and Cavalcante just misses on the haymaker.

Bader once again shoots for the takedown and has Cavalcante against the cage and gets to pick his shots to the side of the head. Cavalcante is covering up, he can't generate much, just has to survive the remainder of the round - which he just does but eats and huge knee to body for his trouble.

Score - 10-9 Bader

Round Two: It's more of the same as we start round two, Bader takes Cavalcante to the cage and as they get the hurry up from the ref, they break up. Bader puts Cavalcante on the backfoot and takes him down with the leg takedown.

Cavalcante has to give up his back in order to try and stand up. Big knees to the ass of Cavalcante are getting big power. Cavalcante manages to stand up but he knows he needs a finish to win at this point but the damage might be too much to recover from.

Bader working the jab as he can just bob and weave around Cavalcante, who isn't putting up much. Bader shoots for the takedown and gets it once again. The round finishes with Bader in charge and Cavalcante is struggling.

Score - 10-9 Bader

Round Three: Cavalcante's coach shouts at him during the break that he's done nothing so far, he needs to go out there and finish. For Bader, his team want more of the same and understandably so.

Cavalcante comes out with a nice left hand but Bader tries to take him down. Cavalcante lands a nice combo and gets Bader in a front headlock. Hard elbows to the side of the head of Bader as he tries force a stand up. Bader takes it against the cage. He pushes Bader off him and Bader stumbles backwards.

Referee breaks up the non-action clinch against the cage. The gusto Cavalcante had has dropped off and Bader has resumed control. Bader seems to the be gassing as he lands shots to the ribs. Bader switches to full guard and is landing big shots. The ground game ends this fight as Bader dominates all the way.

Score - 10-9 Bader

Result: Ryan Bader defeats Rafael Cavalcante via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

No post-fight interview for Bader.

Heavyweight - #14 Brendan Schaub (10-3-0) vs. Andrei Arlovski (21-10-0)

Round One: Arlovski brings over 10 pounds on Schaub as he makes his UFC return. Two size each other up and Arlovski shoots for the clinch, has Schaub against the cage and lands a couple knees inside but not much progression from either side. Schaub spins out and lands a nice overhand right and left jab to follow.

Once again they size each other up and Arlovski grabs a clinch against the side of the cage as the referee calls for some work from Arlovski. Schaub pushes off after a whole lot of nothing. Uppercut lands onto Arlovski, Arlovski has given up his octagon control a bit as Schaub looks dangerous.

The two continue to just trade small punches here and there as the round comes to a close.

Score - 10-9 Schaub

Round Two: As the round begins, Schaub gets tapped a little low and the referee breaks it off for recovery. Schaub is looking for the big punches. Arlovski with a body shot into clinch against the cage. No work being done once again in clinch,

Schaub keeps trying for the overhand right but mixes it up with a left that lands better. Spinning heel kick from Schaub is defended well. Arlovski is reading Schaub's low fake, overhand right and hits a nice jab onto Schaub. Schaub takes Arlovski to the cage now.

Nothing happens, Arlovski tries to spin out and Schaub shoots for takedown, they stumble but get back up. Big punches thrown from Schaub but none landing flush yet. More of the same combo and Arlovski counters well. Uppercut from Schaub tags Arlovski sweetly.

Score - 10-9 Arlovski

Round Three: Replays of that uppercut bring us into the third. A lesser man would've fallen. Schaub again looking for that overhand right but it's leaving him open. Arlovski catches him on the counter as the referee tells both men to watch their heads when they come inside. Arlovski goes for clinch but Schaub gets a takedown, into full guard.

Schaub working from top, still looking for that fight ending punch. He lands a big series of body shots that do nothing to Arlovski. Nice defence from Arlovski, Schaub can't get any power behind his blows.

Schaub is tiring but he still has this at the moment on points, Arlovski has to find the finish somehow. Schaub lands the hammerfist but Arlovski forces out of guard. They clinch against the cage but Schaub is gassing.

30 seconds to go and Arlovski may need a finish. They swing to finish and they go the distance. The left side of Schaub's face has swollen like a ripe tomato, Rogan thinks he maybe broke his jaw.

Score - 10-9 Schaub

Result: Andrei Arlovski defeats Brendan Schaub via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

The fans boo the announcement as Schaub shouts in bemusement, it seemed as if he had round one and three. Arlovski says he's happy to be back in the UFC and thanks his corner.

Light Heavyweight - #12 Ovince St. Preux (15-5-0) vs. Ryan Jimmo (19-3-0)

Round One: Jimmo opens with an inside leg kick on the southpaw St. Preux, who answers with a hard kick to the Canadian’s midsection. After 30 seconds, referee Kevin Dornan calls for action, and St. Preux obliges by landing a pair of sledgehammer left hands. Another left clips Jimmo before the former MFC champion closes the distance and shoves St. Preux against the cage with an underhook. Jimmo manages to send a couple right hands upstairs before St. Preux turns him around. Jimmo looks for a trip before the 205ers separate, and Jimmo comes away bleeding from the nose. Jimmo switches to the southpaw stance briefly, then back to orthodox to stick a jab in St. Preux’s face. St. Preux lands a left hook, blocks a big right high kick and shoots for a late takedown with 20 seconds left. Jimmo is back up before the horn sounds, evading a pair of left hands from St. Preux.

Score - 10-9 St. Preux
(Taken from Sherdog.com due to computer issues)

Round Two: Jimmo comes out with the early shot to Preux, knowing he needs to win the round. Jimmo takes a high kick from St. Preux and he falls down.

St. Preux with the wrestling, manages to move himself onto Jimmo's back. He's looking for the rear naked choke but he can't find it. Lands a few big shots to the side.

Then the referee stops the fight with Jimmo shouting "my arm is broken" a couple of times.

Result: Ovince St. Preux defeats Ryan Jimmo via TKO (Verbal tapout) at 2:10 into Round Two

St. Preux 4-0 now in the UFC and Rogan asks him about the broken arm, either he broke it with the chicken wing move or a high kick caught him and broke it. Rogan questions about the interesting submission form but St. Preux says it is was it is as we cut to Tim Tebow in the crowd.

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