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This year's Money in the Bank came to us live from Boston, Massachusetts and began with Daniel Bryan on the kick off show, he was there to tell the WWE Universe that he had some "bad news" that he wasn't going to be returning very soon and that he is losing strength in his arm still.

The main show began with the Tag Team titles on the line.

The Usos v Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (Tag Team Title Match)

Jey and Luke started the match up with Jimmy getting the blind tag in early before Rowan got the tag from Harper.

Rowan went for a gut wrench slam but Jimmy reversed it and tagged in Jey who hit a missile drop kick for the first near fall of the match. Rowan replied knocking Jey out of the ring but Jey flew off the barricade and knocked the big man down. 

Jey then climbed up the top rope but Rowan knocked him down and he came back off the barricade. Harper then got the tag and rolled over the top rope and onto the stomach of Jey before another tag out to Rowan who dropped the elbow onto the smaller man before throwing him across the ring for a two count. 

Rowan went for the leg drop but Jey moved and Harper ran in to knock Jimmy off the apron before he booted Jey in the face for a near fall, Rowan then came in and slammed Jey to the mat before Jey fought back with a super-kick before he sent Rowan into the steel post. 

Jimmy got the hot tag as did Harper and cleared the ring before hitting a Samoan Drop on both Rowan and Harper and hitting a corkscrew off the top rope for a two count, followed by two super-kicks to the stomach and face for a near fall.

Outside the ring, Jey was caught by Rowan so Jimmy jumped outside to take him out but the distraction allowed Harper to recover and the two attempted a double team but Jimmy made the save with a super-kick before Harper gained a two count off a power bomb.

Harper then took out both Jey and Jimmy on the outside before Jimmy was rolled back inside and hit a double team manoeuvre for another near fall, but Jey made the save and took out Harper. Rowan was left with Jimmy and he climbed up to the top rope but Jimmy shook the ropes and knocked him down before both Usos hit a double suplex off the top rope and Jimmy hit the splash followed by Jey who hit another splash for the win.

Winners and still Tag Team Champions: The Usos

BACKSTAGE: Dean Ambrose was talking about Seth Rollins and said he wants to rip him apart, he still has his eye on the briefcase though and whilst he wants to climb the ladder to get the case he also wants to use the ladder to bash Seth's face in. He said "daddy" Triple H is going to be mad when he walks out with the briefcase and not Seth.

Paige v Naomi (Divas Championship)

Cameron accompanied Naomi to the ring despite their differences over the past two weeks and the two took the fight to the outside in the opening exchanges before a double drop kick knocked both women down.

Naomi then rolled to the outside for a breather and Paige attempted to follow but was thrown by her hair to the outside before she dived outside after her. Naomi then kicked Paige as she climbed back in the ring for a near fall. 

Paige fought back with some kicks before Naomi and Paige exchanged roll ups and Naomi locked in a submission manoeuvre before another pin attempt.

Paige went for a DDT from the top rope but both Divas fell down to the outside before they both beat the count back into the ring and Paige worked on Naomi's legs. Naomi then hit her flip clothesline followed by an uppercut and the rear view for a two count.

Naomi went for the split-leg moon-sault but Paige countered with the knees and Paige hit a DDT for the win.

Winner and still Divas Champion: Paige

After the match Cameron came in to comfort Naomi whilst Paige celebrated with her title.

Damien Sandow headed out next dressed as Paul Riviere, he talked about what Boston had become and how it will always live in the shadow of New York, Adam Rose then interrupted.

Rose sent Sandow out of the ring and onto the mat in front of the Exotic Express before the bell rang.

Damien Sandow v Adam Rose

Sandow kicked Rose in the mid-section before he sent him into the corner, but Rose fought back with a unique move in the corner. Sandow then beat Rose down and knocked him out of the ring before dragging him back in and gaining a two count. 

Sandow then hit the elbow of disdain but Rose fought out with an arm drag and various punches but Sandow knocked him down with a thunderous clothesline before Rose hit the Party Foul for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose

Money in the Bank contract ladder match - Seth Rollins v Dean Ambrose v Dolph Ziggler v Kofi Kingston v Jack Swagger v Rob Van Dam

Dean went straight for Seth as soon as the match started and knocked him into the time keepers area. Whilst in the ring RVD and Kofi went at it. 

Jack Swagger brought a ladder into the ring and Kofi climbed it to take RVD out before he hit the boom drop on Swagger on top of a ladder and knocked him out of the ring. 

Kofi then set up the ladder under the briefcase and climbed it to take out all the superstars on the outside. Seth and Dean came back into the ring and Dean hit a hair pull slam before he hit a inverted suplex onto the ladder positioned over the corner.

Dean then climbed the ladder but Swagger knocked him down, before everyone came back into the ring and tried to climb. Ambrose was knocked out of the ring buy Kofi and Dolph before they raced each other to the top of the ladder and fought at the top. The two knocked each other down and Seth took them both out with a ladder.

RVD came in and hit a monkey flip on Seth before flinging him into a ladder, before Rolling Thunder onto a ladder. Dean was then kicked off the apron by RVD before Dolph was then kicked into a ladder and Swagger was knocked down before he hit the five star frog-splash on the former Real American.

Rob then set up a ladder and climbed for the briefcase but Kofi knocked him down before Swagger knocked him off and Rob and Kofi continued to fight for momentum. 

Swagger hit Kofi in the lower back with a ladder and knocked him to the outside before he turned his attention to Rob he climbed the ladder and pulled Rob up the ladder to him before attempting a suplex but Jack was knocked down and Rob went for a five star but Seth stopped it and Jack delivered a power bomb to RVD.

Dean came back into the mix and went straight after Rollins and hit a suplex from the top of the ladder. Dolph then kicked a ladder into Dean before Jack bounced him face first off a ladder.

Jack then dropped a ladder on Kofi before he climbed the ladder but RVD followed but Rollins and Ambrose pulled the two off the ladder before they climbed and fought at the top of the ladder before Seth was knocked down and Jack came in but Dean DDT'd him. 

Rollins climbed the ladder again and Dean knocked the ladder over and medics came to help because Dean has dislocated his shoulder so he headed to the back. 

Seth then climbed the ladder but RVD made the save and Kofi pulled Rob down, Kofi and Seth fought at the top of the ladder and sent Seth through another ladder. Kofi was then pulled down by Dolph and DDT'd.

Kofi was then dropped back first onto a ladder, Dolph climbed but was pulled down by Jack who locked in the patriot lock but Dolph kicked him off only to be knocked down by Seth with a chair. 

Seth then climbed and Dean ran out and knocked him down with a chair before delivering chair shot after chair shot on his former team mate, he then climbed the ladder and Kane came out before Dean knocked him down but Kane pulled him off the ladder and choke-slammed him and delivered a tombstone. Kane then held the ladder whilst Seth climbed and took the briefcase.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Triple H and Stephanie then came out to congratulate Seth after the match.

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton was with Byron and he talked about his chances of winning being better than anyone else's tonight, he said Seth is a hell of a competitor and he needed help tonight, Randy doesn't need help to get the title and he will walk out champion.

Goldust and Stardust v RybAxel

Stardust and Axel started the match up with Stardust hitting an arm drag and tagging in Goldust and hitting a double team move. Stardust then came in with Ryback and danced around the bigger man before tagging out to Goldust.

Axel then speared Goldust into the barrier on the outside before Stardust hit cross Rhodes and a altercation between Ryback and Axel allowed Axel to hit Ryback and Stardust to roll him up for the win.

Winners: Stardust and Goldust

After the match Axel tried to attack Stardust but Goldust made the save and celebrated with his brother.

BACKSTAGE: Fandango was with Byron and he talked about the triangle between himself, Layla and Summer Rae. He was going to talk about calling it down the middle but he was interrupted by both women who traded insults.

Rusev v Big E 

Big E went straight after Rusev from the outset and knocked the bigger man to the outside before he climbed back in the ring and hit a belly to back suplex. Big E then hit a side-walk slam out of the corner for a near fall.

Big E then speared Rusev off the apron and onto the outside before rolling him back into the ring for another two count.

Big E then went for the Big Ending but Rusev crawled through the ropes and Rusev hit a kick from the outside. Rusev then knocked him down with another kick and locked in the Accolade which Big E tried to fight out of but he tapped.

Winner: Rusev

BACKSTAGE: Brie and Nikki were talking before Stephanie interrupted and asked what Brie was doing there. Steph then told Brie she shouldn't be there. Brie then showed Steph the video of her being thrown into a brown substance on Raw. Steph then called for security to escort Brie out. 

Summer Rae v Layla - Special referee Fandango

Layla threw Summer out of the ring to start the match before Summer climbed back in and held Layla in the corner. Layla then kicked Summer into Fandango before taking her down.

Summer then hit the hair pull slam before she slammed Layla to the mat and Layla knocked Summer down with an elbow for the win.

Winner: Layla

Layla and Fandango kissed after the match before Layla kicked Summer in the face.

Triple H and Stephanie then made there way to the ring to sit at ringside for the World title match.

Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Roman Reigns v John Cena v Randy Orton v Kane v Cesaro v Bray Wyatt v Alberto De Rio v Sheamus

The match started out as a brawl with every man in it for himself before each paired off and Kane introduced the first ladder to the match, only to be knocked to the outside for his efforts.

Bray then knocked down Cesaro and Del Rio before he threw Cena onto a ladder, Roman then came in and hit the Samoan Drop on Bray and set up a ladder and began to climb but Sheamus threw him out of the ring.

Kane and Sheamus then fought in the corner before Orton came in and tried to attack Reigns but Roman knocked him to the outside. Sheamus and Roman then took out Kane with two ladders before Del Rio and Cesaro joined in the fun but Kane knocked all four men off the ladders.

Del Rio and Cena were then choke-slammed before Kane held the ladder so that Randy could climb and grab the titles but Reigns made the save and knocked the two out of the ring and tried to climb the ladder himself. 

Bray Wyatt choke-slammed Roman before Cena hit Bray and Cesaro came in and hit the upper-cut on Cena.

Cesaro and Sheamus then climbed and held onto the titles but Bray moved the ladder and the two hung onto the titles before they fell.

Randy Orton sent Del Rio into the steel steps, Sheamus and Randy then collided and Randy hit hit patented DDT off a ladder.

Randy climbed a bigger ladder before Roman and Del Rio fought to climb the ladder and the ring turned into a brawl before Kane and Del Rio pulled Cesaro and Reigns off the ladder.

Sheamus then hit ten beats of the Bourin on Kane before he climbed up to the top rope and took out Roman with a shoulder tackle and Randy Orton with White Noise. 

Cena was then hit with a Brogue Kick and Orton was thrown out of the ring and Sheamus then set up a ladder and started to climb but Kane grabbed him and dragged him from the ring but Sheamus sent Kane into the steel steps.

Cesaro and Sheamus climbed the ladder and Roman tilted it over leaving the two in a strange position before Cena put the ladder straight and Bray came in and threw Cena onto a ladder.

Kane then cleared the ring but Roman speared Kane and Randy hit Roman with a ladder, Randy was then hit with a Superman Punch, as was Sheamus and Del Rio and Bray were also taken out by Roman as he bounced Bray off the announce desk.

John Cena and Roman then had a stare down before they exchanged punches and Roman hit a spear, before he climbed the ladder, Randy grabbed his feet and hit a back breaker on Reigns.

Orton then climbed the ladder but Bray hit sister abigail on Orton and tried to climb but Del Rio knocked him down with a kick to the face before he tried to climb the ladder and Sheamus knocked the ladder and hit the Brogue Kick on Del Rio.

Cesaro came in and upper-cut Sheamus before delivering the Neutralizer, Randy Orton RKO'd Cesaro before Roman tried to make the save but Randy bounced him off the ladder, the two were back and forth until Kane choke-slammed Reigns off the ladder.

Cean hit the AA on Kane before he AA'd Orton and climbed the ladder and took the titles!

Winner and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

Cena then celebrated in front of The Authority as Money in the Bank went off the air.


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This article has been written by a member of the GiveMeSport Writing Academy and does not represent the views of GiveMeSport.com or SportsNewMedia. The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the author credited at the top of this article. GiveMeSport.com and SportsNewMedia do not take any responsibility for the content of its contributors.

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