Ronda Rousey remains coy about wild sex before UFC fights

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Ronda Rousey remained coy this week when she was asked whether or not she would be having wild sex before her big UFC 175 bout Saturday night.

As always, Ronda Rousey is a massive draw when it comes to pre-fight media scrums, and she was faced with the same situation this week during her pre-UFC 175 media session. Wearing a fighting cap and a massive coat, Ronda Rousey took questions at will until one reporter stopped her in her tracks.

Having been so open before about her sex rituals before fights it was only natural that reporters would ask the sex question again. Rather than answer in the open way she did on the Conan O'Brien show in 2012, Ronda Rousey decided to dismiss the question all together and move on.

The sex question

You can’t blame the reporter for asking Ronda Rousey about her sex life when she’s been so open about on national television.

The reporter asked, “I watched you on Conan a while back. It was a great interview. You said that you like to have wild sex before a fight because it makes your testosterone levels normal. Are you on schedule to have your testosterone raised to an appropriate level?”

Okay, we admit the question itself is beyond cheeky, but when you open yourself up to a national audience, you have to face questions that come with that territory. Ronda Rousey was having none of it though and remained coy by immediately moving on. She was quick to move on from the query and she asked if she could take a question from “someone who isn't an asshole.”

Conan O’Brien sex appearance

Ronda Rousey appeared on the Conan O’Brien show back in 2012 and she was asked about her rituals before fights. She was there to promote one of her fights that year and naturally the talk moved on to sex.

As Conan O’Brien explained, “A lot of boxers say don’t have sex or any sexual activity before a fight. Is that a superstition that women have?”

The UFC star countered the supposed superstition. “It’s actually the opposite for women. If you have sex it raises your testosterone. So, it kind of sucks I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but I’m sure my Twitter is blowing up right now with offers. I don’t know the exact science behind it.”

To watch Rousey and Conan talk about sex on his show, watch the video below.

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UFC 175 bout

Ronda is unbeaten in her nine UFC fights so far during her career. And as a result of this domination she has become known all across the globe. Having fought for many years at an Olympic level in Judo, Rousey is well known for competing at the highest level in her respective disciplines.

Back in 2008, she won the Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic Games, and she followed that with a move into the UFC in 2011.

Since then she has been dominate in the sport, and tonight she is likely to extend that dominance to a tenth successive win, and a successful defense of her UFC title. In what is set to be the fight of the night on Saturday’s UFC card, Rousey will defend her title against Alexis Davis. The defending champion is the overwhelming favorite, and to watch the pre-fight weigh-in click on the video below.

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