LeBron James will make the Cleveland Cavaliers incredible

Lebron would make the Cavs a force next year

Everything is still ongoing but at the moment, the common train of thought right now is that LeBron James is looking more and more likely to reject the chance to stay in South Beach with the Miami Heat and instead go back to his home state with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If this does happen - there's some talk on Twitter about it possibly happening tonight, because someone's reported that extra police are to be deployed outside his house, but Twitter gets hyped about everything these days so no attention will be paid to it - then the Cleveland Cavaliers become an automatic contender for the Eastern Conference title and a team to definitely watch out for next year.

Point Guard

The Cavaliers already have one All-Star in point guard Kyrie Irving. The 22-year old is one of the best points in the league and his potential one-two combo with LeBron could be incredible and the making of the Cavaliers franchise.

The former Duke man is averaging 20 points and 6 assists a game so far in his early career and looks like he could stay an All-Star for years to come. The Cavs star man would have to settle for being number two in Cleveland if James comes in.

Shooting Guard

Here's the fight between two talented youngsters, Dion Waiters and Andrew Wiggins. And it seems that despite the fact that Wiggins has yet to play a single NBA game, he gets the nod over the incredibly selfish Waiters.

Small Forward

It's Lebron, the best player in the game. What more do you need to know?

Power Forward

Tristan Thompson is an interesting player to say the least. First of all i want to say sorry to Anthony Bennett, unsurprisingly after the worst ever rookie season by a number one draft pick you will not be starting. That's just bad PR for Lebron to be honest.

The Canadian Thompson has grown into a smart, mature power forward during his three years in the league. His 11 point 9 rebound average is a good place to start from and could well prove to be an extremely valuable player in the future of the Cavs.


Here is where it gets interesting. The new starting centre for the Lebron Cavaliers could well be none other than Kevin Love. According to some reports in the media, if James actually does end up in Cleveland then the Cavs will put together a trade to bring in the former UCLA star Love.

Imagine what a team that would be with Three All-Stars, one number one draft pick rookie and a young rebounding power forward. The Cavs could well become the team to beat in the NBA, and a favourite for the title year after year.

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