Michael Jordan took advantage of rigged NBA contest, says analyst

Jordan should have never won this contest

Michael Jordan has won many trophies and awards during his career but this week it was revealed that he won one of his awards unfairly. Even worse, it was explained that the event Michael Jordan won was rigged just so he could become the winner.

Now the award in question wasn't anything vitally important for the NBA, but it still tarnishes the reputation of a competition that basketball fans hold dear. The competition in question was the 1988 NBA Dunk Contest in which Michael Jordan took on Dominique Wilkins.


The contest proved to be a tight between the two extremely talented ballers. Late on in the dunk-off, Michael Jordan provided a supreme dunk of epic proportions with his third attempt of the contest. Jordan managed to dunk all the way from the free-throw line for a perfect score to take the lead late on in the contest.

But Wilkins still had one attempt left and he provided a breathtaking third dunk. But at the time he was given a suspiciously low score, with footage from the contest in the video below.

It has now been revealed that the abnormally low score was given to prevent Wilkins from winning. It's understood that the NBA wanted Michael Jordan to win off the back of that incredible perfect score dunk, so they rigged the contest to make sure he won for the second straight year. All of this information was revealed by ESPN's outspoken analyst Bill Simmons this week.

"I thought Dominique should have won 26 years ago. I would still have him as the favorite today in a contest. The second one they did (1988 Dunk Contest) was rigged anyway. Jordan lost that one hands down."

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Jordan still popular

Even in retirement, Michael Jordan is still one of the most talked about basketball players. He was recently voted as the second most popular US male athlete even though he hasn't played professional basketball for 11 years.

Not only that, Jordan is still one of the most searched athletes on the face of the planet. According to Google Trends, Jordan was the ninth most searched athlete for the month of June in the US. It seems no matter what Michael Jordan's up to fans still want to know, or just simply relive the glory days.

One things for sure, NBA fans would love a Dunk Contest rematch between Jordan and Dominique Wilkins to finally decided who is the best.

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