Kevin Durant deletes Twitter from his phone to avoid Wizards rumours

Kevin Durant currently training with the USA Team

Washington native Kevin Durant has received some extra attention as of late after the intentions of the Washington Wizards to tempt the 2016 free agent back to his home town have been made clear.

Durant has already said that there is a chance he may play for the Wizards but it's a slim one at most, but that is all that's needed for the a media storm to ensue, the story has encapsulated basketball fans everywhere that the MVP could make a LeBron James-like move and return home.

The NBA superstar who is currently training with the USA mens basketball team has already made the stern decision to attempt to block out rumours and questions over his future and has taken the first steps towards doing so.

ESPN's Darren Rovell broke some interesting news regarding the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar, Rovell tweeted saying: "Kevin Durant tells me he’s deleting Twitter from his phone. Doesn’t want the distraction. Won’t leave Twitter itself."

Now Durant is very active on his social media sites and in particular Twitter, to make it clear the swingman isn't deleting his account but basically reducing his contact with it by taking the app away from his fingertips.

Durant later confirmed his decision by sending out his own tweet on the news, he tweeted: "iPhone go silent, like I ain't need the stress"

It seems as though Washington Wizard fans have been blowing up the 25-year-old's phone since hearing the news that he could one day don a Wizards jersey in the NBA.

Durant has quietened down the news for the meantime but the story involving him returning to Washington will continue to surface until the point he becomes a free agent and ultimately makes a decision over his future.

With his global status as a basketball star Durant has many fans and even holds 7.7million followers on Twitter, unfortunately for them they will be seeing a less active KD for the foreseeable future.

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