Former NFL Quarterback to appear on 'The Biggest Loser'

Former Lions Quarterback Scott Mitchell (Via

In his heyday, Scott Mitchell was a physically toned quarterback performing at an elite level in the National Football League, that is no longer the case.

Since his career came to a close in 2002, Mitchell has now ballooned to a staggering 366 pounds, meaning the former quarterback has put on 126 pounds worth of weight since his retirement from professional sport.

The former Detroit Lion is now attempting to rectify his astonishing weight gain by becoming a contestant on the american television series entitled 'The Biggest Loser'.

Mitchell's current weight has become a serious health problem to the 46-year-old and his agreement to an appearance on the TV show will allow the one-time football star to earn another big pay day.

Also he will not be the only former NFL star to appear on the show as he is joined by retired Offensive Tackle Damian Woody who used to play for Detroit Lions as well.

The pair will compete to lose the most weight possible as the NBC reality series will kick off its 16th season on Sept. 11.

Steve Anderson released images of the before and after transition of Mitchell on Twitter, showcasing the picture of the dramatic change in body type alongside the caption: "Scott Mitchell … then (Lions QB, 1997) … and now (“Biggest Loser” on Sept. 11).
@freep #archives @freepsports"

Mitchell and Woody are not the only people to have a football connection to appear on the popular TV series, Holley Mangold who is the younger sister of New York Jets center Nick Mangold appeared on the show's 15th season when it aired in 2013.

Many players can struggle with issues after leaving the sport and once finely tuned athletes can balloon into large figures of their former selves when they are left with the money from their successful football careers.

It will be interesting to see if the same competitive drive that the players enveloped on the football field will transition to losing weight in order to win the cash prize that comes with the show.

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