Blackpool finally breaking through with protests

Fans have had enough! (©GettyImages)

"Its been a roller coaster season for Blackpool" is the usual cliche used by commentators for the Tangerines but it seems the season is already going down from the start.

Blackpool fans are finally fighting back against the chairman Karl Oyston. Last year there were several protests against the way that the club was run.


These included a cash cow billboard and a march towards the directors box against Derby (even Derby fans joined in with chanting against the Oyston family) ,a funeral style coffin march against Huddersfield and finally tennis balls & tangerines were thrown onto the pitch which halted play against Burnley.

With Sky Sports looking on, Blackpool fans had managed to get the attention of the nation.

A large amount of fans have now started to organise more protests. There was a protest recently on Blackpool's famous comedy carpet to represent a famous football becoming a comedy club.

This protest attracted media attention as fans spelled out "Oyston Out" in people. This was visible from the top of the tower and created a perfect picture opportunity for the press and fans alike.

More to follow

This was not the first mass protesting as that was at Penrith the day before when Blackpool fielded several trialists and having a newly appointed manager who was hanging by a thread due to stand off negotiations between himself and the chairman. This is why Blackpool fans are so frustrated.

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Most recently there was protesting at Blackpool's second and final pre-season game, Blackpool fans took to protesting outside the main reception and working their way around the stadium. The fans outrage (on this occasion) was the fact that the chairman decided to charge £15 for a pre-season match, which featured once again a large amount of trialists with just three days till the season opener.

Backing from shareholders

These protests have been well received by shareholder Valeri Belokon, who has ordered Oyston to put football first. He issued a letter to Oyston but this just turned into a public letter argument between the chairman and the Latvian businessman. Mr. Belokon also took to Radio 5 live last night stating that "Karl doesn't listen".

With the fans protesting more frequently it was only a matter of time before the national press got involved and started covering the tragic story of Blackpool F.C. Channel four ran a news story on how the finances actually work in the Oyston family businesses, this was shocking viewing for fans of Blackpool F.C.

The BBC even ran a featured article titled: "Blackpool: From the Premier league to having eight players". The Daily Mail are also keeping a keen interest on how the Blackpool F.C. story develops.

Any publicity is good publicity

All this publicity has pleased Blackpool fans because they want the rest of the footballing world to see how their club is suffering. However, some of the press has not been appreciated with ITV sport tweeting several tweets mocking Blackpool and the situation they are in.

This is obviously going to aggravate these great-hearted fans as Blackpool fans are known for being a proud, grand and loyal set of supporters.

The problem (again, only one of the problems) for Blackpool fans is that Oyston does not want to leave the club. Oyston needs to reconnect with the fans but that does not look like is going to happen anytime soon as Oyston does not seem to sympathise with the loyal tangerine army and time after time portrays himself as the pantomime villain. 

All in all things are progressing finally for the Seasiders as more players arrive at Bloomfield Road but with the season opener against Nottingham Forest on Saturday, Blackpool fans feel that the players will not have had time to gel.

This was evident against Burnley as Blackpool did not have a single shot on goal in the second half. All we can hope is that Blackpool F.C. do not get ruined by their ownership and slip down the leagues. Nobody wants to see that, well perhaps you do if you are Preston North End fan!

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