Rob Manfred elected as Major League Baseball's new commissioner

Major League Baseball executives elected Rob Manfred as the league's 10th commissioner on Thursday A labour lawyer who has worked for MLB since 1998, Manfred beat out Boston Red Sox chairman Tom Werner in the first contested vote for a new commissioner in 46 years. A third candidate, MLB Executive Vice President of Business Tim Brosnan, dropped out just before the start of voting. The 55-year-old Manfred, faces issues that include decreased interest in baseball among younger people, and longer games. He has served as MLB's chief operating officer for the past year. Selig turned 80 last month and has ruled baseball since September 1992, when he was among the owners who forced then-commissioner Fay Vincent's resignation. He said he intends to retire in January. Manfred fell one vote shy of the 23 out of 30 owners needed in the first ballot earlier Thursday. On the second ballot, he won unanimously, several owners confirmed.