Jabari Parker is desperate to avoid becoming an NBA bust

Jabari Parker is the new face of the Milwaukee Bucks. (©GettyImages)

It's been great for players monetarily, but being the second overall pick of the NBA Draft hasn't necessarily been a great thing for the careers of those players.

Jabari Parker is a smart guy. Some might even say he's too smart for his good, coming off like a PR piece and leading the way for the entertaining “Boring Jabari Parker” Twitter account.

That means Parker is extremely aware of the reputation of his spot in the draft, dating back to when the Portland Trail Blazers picked Sam Bowie at No. 2 overall ahead and let Michael Jordan fall to Chicago. Bowie lives with that every day of his life.

It was such a big deal that ESPN produced a documentary on the pick, called "Going Big," on where Bowie is now.

“There’s been a lot of second pick busts,” Parker said Saturday morning to Pro Basketball Talk at the grand opening of the redesigned Jordan space inside Nike Chicago. “I’m just trying not to be that bust. Everyday that I step on the court, I just remind myself that I have a long ways to go. If I want to be one of those guys in the first tier of the NBA, like a LeBron, like a Kobe, like a [Blake Griffin], then I have to have that mentality starting off from the ground, and work my way up.”

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History of the pick

Victor Oladipo, last year's No. 2 overall pick and then the NBA Rookie of the Year, has already proven himself an exception. Oladipo, however, faired way better than guys like Evan Turner, Derrick Williams, Hasheem Thabeet and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

The true stigma from the pick, however, runs deeper. One of the poster boys is Darko Milicic, picked after LeBron James and right before Carmelo Anthony by the Detroit Pistons. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were also lottery picks.

Then there's Stromile Swift, Michael Beasley and Jay Williams.

Kevin Durant would be the poster boy for success at No. 2 overall while LaMarcus Aldridge has fared well too.

Why he'll succeed

Parker comes from Chicago and understands how easily success can elude someone or how easily talent can be wasted.

Parker won four high school championships and then found success in his one year at Duke, which is why he was picked where he was.

He knows where the Bucks stand in the NBA's many tiers of teams, but that is just more inspiration to work hard enough to change that.

“I definitely learned that winning isn’t guaranteed, especially in the Summer League,” Parker told ProBasketballTalk. “So I just have to have that gratitude, and just be grateful for every win that I get. If I have that attitude, then we’ll bring some good things to Milwaukee, and hopefully bring those out into the playoffs if we get the chance.”

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