Celtics' President says Rajon Rondo hasn't requested to leave

Rich Gotham says that Rondo has not requested to leave (©GettyImages)

Rajon Rondo has been the subject of intense speculation about his NBA future recently. A leaked report from ESPN revealed that he allegedly told the Boston Celtics that he wanted to leave, but since then those allegations have been countered by Rondo's denial.

Some say his reaction to the comments might have simply just been a reflex reaction and a ploy to not get himself into trouble, but others have suggested that there is no smoke without fire.

No knowledge

But this story has developed further in the last 24 hours, and the latest happenings seem to defend Rondo's current stance even further, with Boston Celtics' President Rich Gotham revealing that the point-guard hasn't approached him with any kind of request to leave.

“It was news to me,” Celtics president Rich Gotham told CSNNE.com. “(A trade request) has not been communicated to us by Rajon.”

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Trade rumors

The original story came from a leaked video report from Jackie MacMullan in which she explained her view on the rumors regarding Rondo.

She explained at the time "he's told them he wants out. And no one believes me, but that's the truth."

The report was not meant to be published, but that didn't stop a spokeswoman speaking on behalf of Rondo coming out and saying the baller hadn't made the request.

Focus on new season

And it seems that all of the trade talk has not bothered Gotham one bit, with the Celtics' President adding that he believes the issue closed and their focus now is turning to the new NBA season, which begins in October.

“It’s more of an issue for the media than it is for us,” Gotham added. “We have a good sense of reality in relation to Rajon and all of our players. We don’t get caught up in the rumor mill or any of that stuff. What we focus on with Rajon is getting him ready to play. What we want to see is the Rajon Rondo from 2011, 2012, back in his best form. That’s what gets us excited. When we talk to Rondo, that’s what we talk about. We’re not talking about trades.”

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