How did Celtics' Rajon Rondo really break his hand?

Rajon Rondo continues to leave question marks about his future in Boston. (©GettyImages)

So what really happened to Rajon Rondo's hand?

The point guard, who missed last season while recovering from a torn ACL, was set to make his return.

Now, he broke his hand and will miss 6-8 weeks, according to ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

The problem is his story about how he broke the hand.

He simply said that he slipped in the shower, though it later on Friday came out that he was also at a trampoline park the day of the incident. There are also plenty out there who have claimed the specific hand injury he had is a closed-fist injury, meaning it's more likely he hurt it punching something than falling.

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What's the problem if he hurt it on the trampoline?

Well, pro sports contracts and the NBA uniform contract have a lot of clauses about dangerous things you can't do, like riding motorcycles or mopeds or jet skis or mountain climbing .

There are just things in life that are more likely to get you injured than others, so teams like to protect themselves with the fine print to encourage players to not take those type of risks off the field.

Some others are skydiving, hang gliding, operating an aircraft or fighting, boxing or wrestling.

At this point, no one has proven that Rondo didn't hurt it in the shower. It's just weird that he would hurt it in the shower.

In 2008, as Deadspin brought up, Monta Ellis lied to the Warriors about a ligament injury in his ankle when he really got in a moped accident. The team still paid Ellis, but suspended him 30 games for lying to them about it.

Celtics already unhappy

Earlier in the week, Celtics CEO and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck called Rondo stubborn and uncoachable during a radio interview.

Former coach Doc Rivers even reportedly tried to fight Rondo the summer before, according to There was an F bomb thrown from Rondo and that argument was cited as a big reason Rivers wanted out of Boston.

Why would he say it happened in the shower?

Apparently, Rondo is an incredibly competitive Connect Four player along with the beanbag toss game cornhole, or bags.

But, he also apparently takes five showers every game day and also has multiple pairs of shower shoes in his locker.

“I'm a little OCD” Rondo admitted to Sports Illustrated in early 2013, in a feature that also said he guzzles five bottles of water on his way to the arena for a game so he doesn't have to use the cups near the bench.

So yeah, I guess five showers a day increases your chances of a shower-related incident. But, it's still weird.

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