Manny Pacquiao calls Floyd Mayweather 'pitiful' as war of words continues

Pacquiao continues to antagonize Mayweather (©GettyImages)

The war of words between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. continued apace today with the Filipino boxing great taking his turn to ridicule his long time rival.

Ongoing feud

Pacquaio's comments come as tensions continue to rise between the pair with the past couple of weeks playing host to a number of cheap shots from both sides via social media and various interviews.

Speaking in his native Philippines, Manny Pacquiao's latest insult towards Mayweather was a step away from the usual bold and obvious cutting remarks, instead opting for a thinly veiled attack on Floyd's character:

"I'm not angry with him," Pacquiao explained in the TV interview.

"I feel sorry for him because he acts like an uneducated person. It's pitiful to me and I'm praying for him. He should fear God." he continued via Agence France-Presse.

The veteran boxer went on to take a shot at what Floyd Mayweather is best known for - apart form his unbeaten status as a professional boxer of course - his unfathomable wealth.

And Pacquiao opted to continue the religious theme in doing so as he quoted from the New Testament.

"For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?," he queried.

The comments just days after 'Money' Mayweather posted a picture to his official Instagram account showing him in bed with several huge wads of $100 bills.

Moreover, the claims of poor education will hit Mayweather where it hurts after several stories over recent months from the likes of 50 Cent mocking the boxer's supposed illiteracy.

Throwing stones

The most recent bout of bickering was sparked by Pacquiao himself a couple of weeks back when he took a shot at Mayweather after the US fighter admitted that several elements of his recent All-Access Showtime show had been fabricated for entertainment purposes.

The Filipino linked the revelation to Mayweather's apparent lack of desire to fight him in the future, and, as was expected, Mayweather himself refused to take the comments lying down.

The 46-0 fighter openly mocked Pacquiao over social media in the days following, tweeting an image of his nemesis on the canvas whilst at the same time ridiculing Pacquiao's dwindling PPV numbers.

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Fighting talk

Whether Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather ever take their trash talking into the ring remains to be seen but talk of a long-anticipated fight between two of their generation's finest talents finally happening has ramped up in recent times.

Pacquiao and his team described negotiations as ongoing at a recent press appearance whilst Mayweather himself said they should "make it happen" moments after defeating Marcos Maidana for the second time.

One thing is for sure, with Money Mayweather admitting he plans to retire in just 12 months, time is running out to get the fight on.

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