Nemanja Vidic included in list of sport stars you would not want to fight

Nemanja Vidic has a real aura. (©GettyImages)

In many sporting disciplines, toughness and sheer physical strength are vital components of success.

Although a strong mind - along with other factors such as durability, endurance and natural talent - are also obviously crucial, an athlete's body is their biggest weapon and for this reason it has to be trained, nurtured and conditioned for maximum impact.

Of course, in some sports, brute force is entirely necessary and progression without it is impossible. For boxers, MMA fighters and other fighters in particular, a certain amount of aggression is obviously required in order to fully master the art.

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With this in mind, read on to discover the seven sport stars we would not want to face in hand-to-hand combat* if things got a little bit tasty - for whatever reason - away from the playing field.

*Please note, in the interests of fairness we have decided to entirely omit representatives of those aforementioned combat sports.

Boxers, martial artists and professional wrestlers - yes, we know it's not real - alike are banned I'm afraid, but everyone else is fair game...

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