WWE: Bella twins could be heading for Hell in a Cell match

Could the two sisters be set to collide? (©GettyImages)

Ever since Nikki turned on twin Brie at Summerslam back in August, something has been brewing between the sisters.

So far Nikki has told all sorts of stories about the two of them growing up and the way Brie used to treat her, before Jerry Springer tried to step in and sort the estranged twins out, but to no avail.

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Authority links

In recent weeks Nikki has aligned herself with The Authority and as a way to get back at Brie, she has been showing her what happened after she quit. Obviously Brie quit in favour of her husband keeping the world title, which he was stripped of anyway. 

Nikki claims that Brie abandoned her and because The Authority were in a bad mood over Brie, they took it out on Nikki, putting her in handicap matches - one of them being four on one - every week. 

Nikki blames Brie for all of this and so she has taken her entrance music away from her, attempted to take their last name and is now forcing her sister to endure the handicap matches she had to. Brie was victorious against Cameron and Eva Monday night on Raw before she faced Layla and Summer on Main Event.

Hell in a Cell?

But it doesn't seem that this is going to be the end for the siblings. Everyone knows it will lead to a showdown between them, but the latest rumour has the Bellas competing inside Hell in a Cell.

The closest the divas ever came is when Lita and Victoria were a part of a steel cage match on Raw back in 2003. But no diva has ever competed inside Satan's structure, that is until now. 

The Bellas' rivalry doesn't justify putting them inside a cell of steel, but there are still a few weeks of build up to go and the rivalry could intensify. For them to compete in a match of that sort of stature the sisters would have to be prepared for a lot more brutality than a lot of the divas could put them through.

The reality stars are used to a few five minute matches, they are not used to putting their body on the line as steel and bone collide and WWE need to think hard before they put divas like Brie and Nikki into something like this, because it could all go terribly wrong if they are not prepared or are ill equipped to deal with the consequences of stepping inside the cell.

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