Of course Bradley Beal and Dion Waiters think they have best backcourts

Of course Dion Waiters thinks he's part of the best backcourt in the NBA.  (©GettyImages)

Last month, James Harden said he thinks the best player alive. 

Earlier this week, Russell Westbrook said he's the best point guard in the NBA. 

And yesterday, Dion Waiters said he and Kyrie Irving are the league's best backcourt, in response to Bradley Beal saying he and John Wall have the league's best backcourt. 

They all can't be right. 

So stop asking them. 

The Problem

Asking an NBA player who he thinks is the best player or which team he thinks has the best backcourt is something of a preseason ritual for journalists everywhere. 

Inevitably, the player will list himself, and suddenly that's a story. 

It's not. That's not news. Not to anyone who stops and thinks about it. 

Is Russell Westbrook better than Chris Paul? You could ask any person on the street that question and get a different answer.

Some will say Westbrook. He's the better athlete, they might say. 

Others will say Paul. He's more of a classic, pass-first point guard, they might say. 

Some might even say Tony Parker. Or Derrick Rose. Or Rajon Rondo. 

The point is, everyone has an opinion. 

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The Players

So when the players are asked about themselves, what are they supposed to say? Are we surprised at all that Dion Waiters thinks he's better than Bradley Beal? Or when Russell Westbrook agrees with his own coach that he's the top PG? 

What would we say if Russell Westbrook disagreed with Scott Brooks?

"I think Coach Brooks is putting a little too much faith in me. I'm probably the second or third best in the league." 

No way Russell Westbrook says that. There's no way he doesn't think he's the best point guard in the league. 

Wouldn't we tear him apart for having a lack of confidence in himself? Add it to his list of weaknesses? 

The Truth

The truth is, in his mind, each NBA player probably has an idea of how good he is. 

The truth is, us sports fans have an idea of how good a player is too.

We are just waiting for one player to take the bait and go on a tirade. To be cocky and arrogant, so we as sports fans can tear them down. 

We are entitled to our own opinion on who is the best point guard. We can come up with our own reasons and tell whoever will listen. 

But leave the players out of this. 

Besides, we already know what they're going to say. 

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