Paul Pierce reveals why he joined Washington Wizards

Paul Pierce up against the Miami Heat last season (©GettyImages)

LeBron James recently said in an interview that Kyrie Irving was one of the main reasons that he decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Well, Paul Pierce has now come out and said exactly the same thing.

The veteran small forward Pierce moved from the Brooklyn Nets to Eastern Conference rivals the Washington Wizards this summer in free agency.

John Wall

And like James, 'The Truth' has stated that one of the major pulling factors in attracting him to the Verizon Center was the Wizards All-Star point guard of their own, John Wall.

The 10-time All-Star forward said playing alongside John Wall and Bradley Beal "definitely" played a factor in him choosing to set up shop in Washington.

“John is going to make life easier on me,” Pierce stated at the Wizards media day.

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Ariza Example

“I saw what he was able to do last year. How he helped Trevor Ariza miraculously have another career year. Even though it was maybe a contract year, who knows. (John) definitely made it easier on him. Hopefully I can step in there and get into the right spots.”

Speaking with reporters on Monday, Pierce explained how Trevor Ariza's exit directly led to him bringing his talents to Washington. The Wizards had a gap that needed filling at small forward and thankfully for all involved, Pierce was looking to join a team that was a serious.

Catch and Shoot

Like any scorer, Pierce also prefers playing with a pass-first point guard who can get him the ball in desired situations.

Wall, the NBA leader in total assists last season, certainly did that for Ariza last season. Pierce took notice and sees a situation where he can become a very good catch and shoot player that doesn't get affected by his ageing body.

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