Leicestershire need a good leader more than anything

A disappointed Josh Cobb returns to the pavilion (©GettyImages)

Frankly, I don't see much of a difference between eventide and a Leicestershire team with both being devoid of anything as lambent. As a Leicestershire fan (something I discovered recently), I feel subjected to extreme disenchantment when I look at this team and the condition they are in which is no less complicated than an ampersand.

A few of their best players have abandoned a sinking ship for their England careers - it's been two years since the Foxes won a FC-game, would you believe it? How the hell can a team manage to be so erroneous, so pathetic for such a long time? The words "Good Leader" strike my mind thinking of all this.


It is often said that a team's success depends upon how well are they led. Have Leicestershire been led well? I don't quite think so. If that was the case, may be this team would be playing in Division One.

Generally, teams going through times as Leicestershire are, spend more time mulling about the technical aspects of the game and that doesn't really work because of lack of interest, lack of determination and more importantly, inspiration, something that a team looks forward for, to their leaders.


I say leaders  because I am of the opinion that a team has two leaders, one off the field and one on it, i.e. the Coach and the Captain. What is their job? To influence the team in a manner that whatever they do, they do so to their full potential and accomplishing this successfully is what makes you, a good leader. Have Leiceatershire had such men? Obviously the answer is no. It is, in fact, the coach and the captain, who has to impart that fighting spirit, that winning mentality irrespective of how tough a time are they going through on the field.

What I think is that Niall'O'Brien/Ramnaresh Sarwan, the skippers and Ben Smith, the coach are themselves too affected by all of this and are failing comprehensively to keep the team "interested" and hence the dressing room has become the residing place of all things negative. Yes, basics are important to be focused at but at times, as the great Ian Botham said, "Inspiration is better than preparation", they need someone who can lift the dull faces in the dressing room and inspire them with leading by example. A man who is jaunty and gritty, a man who can make them believe in themselves and boost them is what the Foxes need.


Obviously, they always have had the resources in Eckersley, Freckingham, Sheikh, Cobb, Buck, Thakor, Redfern, Robson, Shreck, Taylor and these lads should have done better but the case was that the ones who were supposed to show them the way couldn't manage to be positive enough themselves and only managed possessing parsimony. Mind you, leading without interest is no less than a flagitious activity to me. 

No matter which player does the club management sign now, it is only some genius bit of leadership that can save this club from so me more seasons of ignominy. Either the coach, or some player (hopefully both) has to step up and say "I'll be the one to lead us out of the mess, I'll lead this team and lead it to glory". The day this club finds such a man, that'll be the day the fortunes will turn around for Leicestershire.

I'll say it again, the players aren't that big a problem, they have produced some very fine players over the years courtesy of the Leicestershire Cricketing Academy, James Taylor and Harry Gurney are the most recent examples of which though they weren't obsequious enough unfortunately. All what is needed is a man, or men who can help the team take a good long look into themselves and ask what have they done and they should have done. The rest, I reckon will take care of itself.

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