Lakers' Nick Young forced to practice despite injury

Young suffered his thumb injury while playing defense on Kobe Bryant (©GettyImages)

Los Angeles Lakers are preparing for one of their biggest seasons in a long time. The return of Kobe Bryant from injury has given the Lakers and their fans renewed hope that they can return to the promised land of the playoffs.

But during a practice session late last week, Lakers' star point guard Nick Young suffered a thumb injury while going face to face with Kobe Bryant in practice.

Nick Young is set to be out for eight weeks after the radial collateral ligament tear in his right thumb, but despite this injury, new coach Byron Scott demanded that the 29-year-old practice regardless.

Not so crazy 

It may sound like an insane suggestion from the Lakers coach, but in an interview over the weekend, Scott explained his extreme but understandable reason for forcing Nick Young to practice during his injury.

"When you hurt your hand, your feet are still okay and your legs are okay. He can still do all the stuff we can do conditioning wise. It doesn’t have anything to do with a basketball in his hand," Scott explained, according to LakersNation.

Innovative thinking 

The incident actually shows how innovative Byron Scott is as a coach, with Young revealing that the Lakers coach used the opportunity as a teaching point.

"He was telling me, ‘Slide my feet. Don’t reach in. That’s what happens when you reach in," Young revealed.

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Despite revealing that Scott used the experience as a teaching point for Young, it is still pretty harsh on the point guard to force him to practice with the injury, and Scott is not the only one who is being hard on Young at the moment. Naturally, Kobe Bryant is providing his own brand of banter as well.

Young suffered a broken finger on his right hand after he attempted to defend Kobe Bryant, and following the injury, Bryant revealed that he believes Young suffered the injury because of his poor defensive skills.

"You reach and you're going to get hurt," explained Bryant when quizzed on what exactly happened during last week's scrimmage.

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