The Rock makes surprise return on Monday Night Raw

The Rock delighted the crowd with his return on Monday Night Raw. (©GettyImages)

Given the untimely injuries to big names such as Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns this year, it has been no secret that WWE have needed something big to happen to give the company the boost it needs.

On last night's Raw, those in attendance at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, - as well as those watching all around the world - witnessed just that through the much-anticipated return of a legend.

Ranting Rusev

The timing of the return was excellent. Members of the WWE Universe were watching Rusev and Lana having yet another rant in the ring, which was this time aimed at Big Show who tugged down the Russian flag last week on Raw.

Just as the Bulgarian Brute was expressing his anger, some of the most memorable theme music in WWE hit as The Great One made a surprise return, much to the delight of the crowd in Brooklyn.

The reaction the crowd gave when The Rock appeared andentered the ring to confront Rusev only reiterates the importance of legends to fans of the WWE industry.

Understandably shocked, Lana and Rusev simply had to stand and listen as the Brahma Bull spoke and ultimately put down anything pro-Russian that they were trying to say.

Fan favourite

The difference in WWE experience between the two wrestlers was extremely clear. It was as if the crowd knew what The Rock was going to say as they chanted in unison along with him, proving why he is the People's Champ.

Why it was last night that he made his welcome return is unclear. PWInsider reported that he was in New York City for meetings at the Time-Warner Headquarters to talk about some of his projects, so he may have simply been written in for one episode of Raw.

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Many followers of WWE though, will be hoping this first appearance since WrestleMania XXX is the first of many more to come.

Whether it be to face Rusev properly as opposed to unleashing a few blows on him as he did last night, the WWE Universe will always be happy to see The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment on their screens, because he is just that. 

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