The Rock discusses WrestleMania and imitates the Miz

The Rock on this weeks RAW in Brooklyn (©Twitter @IGN)

The Rock stunned the WWE Universe on Monday night when he returned to RAW and had some choice words for the Bulgarian Brute Rusev.

Despite all the pre-show hype, there was no mention anywhere of the Rock likely showing up at the Barclays Center but nevertheless, the People's Champion returned.

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The reaction from the crowd surmised the shock and excitement in the arena at the time and the segment that followed gave everyone a taste of the good old days.

After the show, it led to a lot of speculation that The Rock's return wasn't a happy coincidence, despite RAW not being his reason for visiting New York.

Rumours are he was in the big apple to meet movie producers to discuss a future film role and the fact that RAW was in town was purely coincidental.

Nevertheless, the WWE theorists began speculation that the Great One's return was the beginning of the preparations for WrestleMania XXXI.

However TMZ met up with the great one and he shed some light on the chances of him competing in Santa Clara next year.

Giving a quick interview on the way to his car, the Rock stopped to take a picture with a fan, offered dieting advice and spoke about WrestleMania.

Dwayne "The Miz" Johnson?

Triple H and Rusev have both been rumoured to set to face the Rock at the granddaddy of them all next year.

But they both have one thing they would do in that match that the Rock simply can't afford to have done to him.

They would hit him in the face.

Yes in his interview, the Rock shows a certain Miz-like attitude that he can't afford for his own money-maker to be damaged.

The Rock competed at both WrestleMania XXVIII and XXIX against John Cena and suffered injuries in both matches with the second requiring surgery.

He was forced to delay shooting of movies as a result and it is unlikely he will be willing to risk that happening again.

The Rock competing at WrestleMania once again would be great sight and could be his last in ring appearance but it appears it won;t be happening at WrestleMania XXXI.

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