WWE in talks with Kurt Angle over return

Angle doesn't want a full-time schedule (©GettyImages)

If there’s one superstar all WWE fans would love to see back inside the squared circle, Kurt Angle is the name which will pop up more often than not.

Angle left the WWE in 2006 after an incredibly successful career with the company; but his recurring health issues, burnout as well as the hectic schedule all played a part in his departure before he signed with TNA the following month.

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But with the future of TNA now uncertain and Angle’s contract expiration, there have been rumours that Angle could be back inside a WWE ring sooner rather than later.

Kurt Angle has been vocal about returning to the WWE in the future to finish his wrestling career with the promotion that made him the massive name he is today.

Talks ongoing

PWInsider have reported that sources within the WWE have told them that the WWE and Kurt Angle have been in talks regarding a return to the WWE as he is now a free-agent even though he remains on good terms with TNA and its owner, Dixie Carter.

The rumour does dig a little deeper, it’s not simply a rumoured desire on WWE’s part, in fact PWInsider mentioned that one source claimed that the Olympic Gold Medallist even declined a contract offer from the WWE because at 45 he believes his body won’t be able to handle the hectic, full-time schedule and tours the WWE go through.

This obviously means Angle will be negotiating a part-time deal with the WWE and by the sounds of it the negotiations are still ongoing so the two sides could still yet come to an agreement.

Storylines & in-fighting

Vince McMahon is said to be very interesting in bringing Kurt Angle back to the WWE whilst Triple H is said to be against the idea. It wasn’t too long ago that reports emerged online concerning Triple H’s frustration at Kurt Angle, who decided to contact Vince McMahon directly after Triple H rebuffed Angle’s desire to return.

One of the most popular decisions regarding Kurt Angle would concern a certain brute in the WWE today. Fans online have shared their feelings regarding Rusev and ending his unbeaten streak, but that John Cena shouldn’t be the one to defeat him. An American hero in Kurt Angle should; something which does make sense if the likes of Jack Swagger and Mark Henry have failed.

Of course it’s too premature to look too much into depth at potential storylines, as Angle is technically a free agent and his good relationship with TNA means he could still re-sign with the company if a WWE deal doesn’t appeal to him.

WWE fans – would you like to see Kurt Angle in the WWE one last time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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