Vickie Guerrero turned down SmackDown anniversary appearance

Like Vickie, The Bella Twins have helped improve the Divas Division (©GettyImages)

Many WWE fans believe the company at present is not of the same standard it was prior to receiving its PG rating and the Divas division of the industry is no exception.

The women that make the difference therefore for this area of the industry are pivotal in maintaining the interest of the WWE Universe with regard to the Divas division.

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Female wrestlers such as Paige, AJ Lee and The Bella Twins have helped to make this possible, with the prominence of a female authoritative member through Stephanie McMahon, also improving the attention the Divas receive.

Guerrero's greatness

Though she did not have a role as dominant as Stephanie McMahon’s during her time in WWE, Vickie Guerrero certainly had a significant impact on the business and proved that women can be as interesting as the men in terms of their character’s personality.

During SmackDown’s 15th anniversary show this past Friday, John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long returned to have a battle of the best general managers to have appeared on the show, with Vickie Guerrero being a notable absence from the show.

The night after the show was aired however, Vickie explained her absence by tweeting:
“HEY ALL…#wwe did ask me to be at #Smackdown15! I was the one to decline. New life has me committed to new responsibilities.”

She continued later that night: “Thanks all!! I'm sorry I Wasnt there! The love and support is felt…One can't start a job and ask for time off....not professional and not what I do. I miss the ring but time to move on & write new chapters”

Fan favourite

As with most members of WWE who have left recently or years ago, there is always the possibility of a return but it seems on this occasion Vickie wanted to remain loyal to her new occupation as well as professional, by turning WWE down.

Fans of WWE would undoubtedly have loved to see an appearance from Vickie, whose big mouth and confident nature always made her exciting to watch.

The 15th anniversary episode of SmackDown saw Laurinaitis and Long each have a team to compete in a 15-man tag team match, with the latter who is arguably one of the most popular managers in SmackDown history, seeing his team come out as victorious.

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