Portland Trail Blazers star thinks he is the 'best two-way guard' in the NBA

Wesley Matthews and Damian Lillard for the Portland Trail Blazers (©GettyImages)

Last month Klay Thompson's agent described his client as the best two-way guard in the entire league and since then, the debate has raged on to the point of where other NBA players who are in that bracket are dignifying their own case.

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Best two-way guard

Thompson surely has enough credibility to validate the claim made by his agent, but the discussion of best two-way guard in the NBA has also been fuelled and given a platform by the recent 'best backcourt' debate.

Now the Portland Trail Blazers pose a threatening backcourt made up of point guard Damian Lillard and shooting guard Wesley Matthews. 

Throughout the major discussions, the pair have rarely been mentioned with the elite combinations in the league today, and one of the two has spoken out about his opinion on the best two-way guard.

Just for the record, it's not All-Star and 2013 Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard, it's his back court mate Wesley Matthews, who believe the best two-way guard in the NBA is Wesley Matthews.

The 28-year-old shooting guard told the Columbian:

“Do I think I’m All-Defense? Absolutely. I think I’m the best two-way two-guard in the NBA. But I feel like we need to be a good defensive team within the scheme of the game. We’re not out there gambling, trying to reach and get steals. That would put us in a bind if I don’t get it,” 

Matthews' value

You sense with Matthews comments that he believes when a player is judged at an overall talent standpoint, his defensive capabilities are often overlooked and the Portland star is certainly a player who can be considered underrated at his position.

Matthews is a strong defender who also managed 17.4 points per game for the Trail Blazers, he boasted a true shooting percentage of .588 which is considered very good throughout the league.

His importance and significance to the team could be tested with Matthews becoming a free agent at the end of the season, although his budding relationship with point guard Damian Lillard has shown real potential for a sparkling future in Portland.

Matthews may not be considered in the elite category of guards in the NBA but with continued improvement, alongside Lillard the pair could really stake a claim for best back court in the league in a few years.

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