Chad Mendes hits out at Jose Aldo: needs to be doing more to build up UFC 179

With Conor McGregor around the corner, Mendes needs to make himself a big name (©GettyImages)

Chad Mendes has blasted Jose Aldo ahead of their clash at UFC 179, saying that the Brazilian is doing nothing to promote their fight.

Speaking to, Mendes expressed his outrage at what he feels is him carrying the weight of promoting on his back, while Aldo does nothing.

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With the hype train of promotion that Conor McGregor has bought to the featherweight division, it's no surprise that Mendes is feeling the heat to create interest.

A rematch to get McGregor's opponent

At this moment in time, it certainly feels like the rematch of their UFC 142 clash back in January 2012, is less about the two fighters in the main event, than it is about McGregor.

The Irish starlet has risen fast through the division since his return from injury and has his sights set on a featherweight title shot early next year and people are looking past this fight at towards that one.

And for Mendes, that is certainly a factor in his criticism of Aldo.

The Brazilian Hermit Crab

“He doesn't do enough to carry his weight as far as media goes. He never does and he never has. He's a prime example: You hear all the promo stuff and I don’t hear him speaking, not one time. I'm here talking, I’m selling the fight, and I'm pushing for it. There’s nothing about Aldo. He’s got to do something." Said the American.

“I can't carry this whole fight on my back. I need some help selling the damn thing. I want to punch you in the face. Do you want to punch me in the face? Tell us what you want to do. That's him being a hermit crab in Brazil.”

“I don’t like Conor McGregor, I’m sure he doesn't like me. He’s talks a lot of **** in media and I’m going to talk it back. I’d love to get out there and beat the **** out of him, and I’m going to tell people that.” He finished.

Despite Aldo not wanting McGregor to be involved in the talk of his clash with Mendes, it seems yet again that McGregor is changing the featherweight title scene, like it or not.

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