WWE: Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn face off on NXT

Sami Zayn competed in the main event

This week on NXT Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd put on a great match in the main event, whilst Baron Corbin continued his dominance and rise to the top by picking up another rapid win.

Last week on NXT Tyler Breeze defeated Mojo Rawley in the opening match as the feud between The Ascension and Hideo Itami also continued, with Itami picking up the win against Viktor.

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Impressive run

Enzo Amore and Big Cass fell to the Vaudevillians who continue their own impressive run as a tag team not to be taken lightly, Sasha Banks then defeated Becky Lynch who was also in action this week.

In the main event Titus O’Neil defeated Sami Zayn before NXT Champion, Adrian Neville made his way to the ring to help his friend from receiving another vicious beating from O’Neil.

Match One: Baron Corbin vs. Elias Sampson

This week NXT kicked off with the first match of the night, Elias Sampson waiting in the ring for the imposing Baron Corbin to make his way to the ring as the commentary team praised the dominant superstar.

As expected it was never going to last more than perhaps a minute, but Corbin went one better by hitting the End of Days straight from the get-go to end the match in under 20 seconds; a bright future for Corbin. A fantastic look, a great finisher and he can talk, let’s hope the NXT creative put him in an interesting feud in the near future.

Result: Baron Corbin defeats Elias Sampson

First segment of the night goes to Sami Zayn who makes his way to the ring, wanting to address the fans after losing to Titus O’Neil in the main event last week on NXT. He tells the fans it’s not okay with the outcome because he’s a lot better than that, and the fans burst into loud cheers when he signals his intention to refocus and go for the NXT Championship.

But one man had other ideas, Tyson Kidd with a massive grin on his face, whilst wearing a Sami Zayn ‘InZayn’ t-shirt, telling Zayn it’s time to face facts and that he’s lying to the fans because everyone already knows he won’t be able to capture the gold, blowing his opportunity like he always does. Sami returned with a cheap shot of his own, asking Tyson whether he had Natalya’s permission to be out in the ring and the fans made it clear they were impressed. Kidd laughed off the insult before Zayn told him that it’s the beginning of his road to redemption and he is good enough to beat Kidd and can do it tonight, before suggesting to Tyson that he should go and find Tyler Breeze’s phone and call his wife to make sure it’s okay to compete. Tyson Kidd questions why Breeze would have Natalya’s number before talking about how he is busy and needs to check up on his cats, but we know the match will go ahead.

Match Two: The Lucha Dragons vs. Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

A non-title tag team match between the NXT Tag Team Champions and the duo now going by the name ‘Team Thick’. A great tag team match which allowed Blake and Murphy to get some real offence in the match as it wasn’t simply a squash match.

Buddy Murphy showed his strength earlier on by muscling out of a DDT into a great suplex for only a two count, but as the match progressed quickly it was becoming clearer who would walk out the victors. Sin Cara took Buddy Murphy to the top rope, hitting a victory roll for the victory.

Result: The Lucha Dragons defeat Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

A video package is shown next, how Tyler Breeze attacked Mojo Rawley before Rawley himself says he’s out of action for a while because of a shoulder injury. Not the greatest of promos but some time off will do him, and his lack of character depth good.

Match Three: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

Non-title match between Becky Lynch and the NXT Women’s Champion. A great effort by Bekcy Lynch who is actually very good inside the ring, but it just seems Charlotte is a level or two above right now as the champion, showing off her superior athleticism and hit the Natural Selection for another victory.

Result: Charlotte defeats Becky Lynch

Another video package, this time showing the dominance of The Ascension when they tied up Hideo Itami as he watched Funaku being hit by the Fall of Man right in front of him. The Ascension tell Itami that he will be in for the same as Funaki if he doesn’t back off.

Match Four: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. The Legionnaires

It looked as if we were heading for the second tag team match of the night as Big Cass started out strong by throwing Lefort around the ring, after accidentally taking off his partner’s wig, Marcus Louis went ballistic and attacked his partner.

But we did get a match, Amore and Big Cass calling out ‘Old Blue Pants’ which the fans loved, as Carmella then made her debut.

Result: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. The Legionnares – no contest

Match Five: Carmella vs. ‘Old Blue Pants’

The commentary team highlighted how nobody knows the diva as Big Cass named her after the colour of her pants. It was always going to end in one way, a win for Carmella as she locked in an impressive submission hold with her legs to pick up a debut win.

Result: Carmella defeats Old Blue Pants

Backstage, Becky Lynch argues with Sasha Banks over who will become the NXT Women’s Champion, Banks shuts her up by asking Lynch what she will do to make it to the top.

NXT Champion Adrian Neville confirms he will defend his NXT Championship against Titus O’Neil next week, saying he’s tired of the Raw and SmackDown superstars trying to take his gold.

Main Event: Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd

A second successive main event for Sami Zayn who would want to pick up a win this week. A very quick start by both superstars who put on a great main event, a monkey flip at the beginning followed by some quick arm drags by Zayn. Tyson Kidd hit Sami Zayn with a kick as he jumped the apron before choking Zayn in the corner and driving his elbow into his head.

Zayn did fight back, hitting an impressive Blue Thunder Bomb for a three count before fighting out of The Sharpshooter to hit the Helluva Kick for the victory.

Result: Sami Zayn defeats Tyson Kidd

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