The Denver Broncos have sent shock waves through the NFL with this

Some of Denver's offensive weapons set to depart Colorado? (©GettyImages)

It seems like every week the Denver Broncos are doing something to put the rest of the NFL on notice of the team from Colorado.

If its not an impressive performance against a strong team, then Quarterback Peyton Manning is breaking some kind of record.

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Ahead of their clash with the San Diego Chargers on Thursday Night Football, they released some big news regarding two of their biggest names.

Two key components in arguably the NFL's best offense, Tight-end Julius Thomas and Wide Receiver DeMaryius Thomas have ended contract talks with the franchise.

The two make up some of Manning's best offensive weapons that have given NFL defences nightmares not just this season, but last season as well.

However with both scheduled to become free agents at the end of the current season, all eyes in the NFL will be watching the situation closely.

The Broncos and the players have ceased in-season talks but they are planning on resuming them once the season ends.

The Thomases aren't the only ones living on borrowed time in Denver as fellow Wide Receiver Wes Welker is also playing on an expiring contract.

Could Denver be set to loose some of their biggest offensive names in the coming off-season?

NFL on alert

The news about the duo will make all big NFL teams stand up and take note, particularly those who are somewhat weak at the receiver position.

Although it does appear now that the talks have been tabled to avoid disrupting a very probable Super Bowl drive, you never can quite know what happens behind the scenes in the NFL.

Should their be a more serious problem and either or both of the stars depart Colorado, one team possibly to watch could be the Broncos AFC rival, the New England Patriots.

New England have been questionable in the Wide Receiver position this season and have times looked like offering little to no passing offense against teams.

The odds of either Thomas coming cheap for any team however remains low so the question then becomes will New England be willing to pay the money for the stars?

New England would surely not be the only team interested in either of the stars but you would be hard pressed to find an NFL fan who wouldn't want either player at their team.

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