Brad Keselowski adds sponsor to 2015 season

Sponsor announced (©GettyImages)

It seems like it's been a good week for the winner of the Geico 500 at Talladega Superspeedway.

Heading into Martinsville, Brad Keselowski added a nice touch to a week of celebration by making it into the third round of the Championship Chase. Wurth Companies will be returning to the team as a primary sponsor again in 2015.

The company joined forces with the organization as a sponsor in the Nationwide series but that relationship grew into sponsoring a handful of Sprint Cup Series events as well. It looks like the company liked what they saw. Keselowski, and Team Penske, made the official announcement that Wurth is on-board for another season as both a primary and associate sponsor.

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I think that says a lot about our relationship and they have been a big part of our success this season - Keselowski

"It has been great to have Wurth on board the No. 2 Ford this year," Keselowski said. "One of the things that stands out about our relationship with Wurth is that not only do I see their name and colors on our cars -- I see their products being put to good use in our race shop. I think that says a lot about our relationship and they have been a big part of our success this season."

Hood Time

Don't worry Keselowski fans! This is not the end of the familiar No. 2 and it's Miller Lite logos across the hood. They will still be there and we can all still call Keselowski the driver of the "Blue Deuce!" There will be plenty of hood time for both sponsors.

The agreement with Wurth is said to be a multi-year deal starting in 2015 but it's limited to the number of races as the primary sponsor. The majority of races will be run under the Miller banner with Wurth acting as primary sponsor for three races in 2015.

That's actually one race short of what the company has sponsored Keselowski for in the 2014 season. However, Wurth will serve as the associate sponsor for the rest of the 2015 season when it's not the primary sponsor.


Aside from the logo and paint job on Keselowski's car some race fans may be wondering what exactly does Wurth do? That's a great question. It's pretty obvious what Miller does but when you slap a different logo on the hood for a couple of races then some explanation of what the company does would be in order.

Keselowski hinted about Wurth in his statement about seeing some of the products used around the shop. According to the official release and the Wurth racing site the company wears many hats. It has a large presence in the automotive industry.

According to the release Wurth is a leading supplier of high-quality automotive and industrial parts, cabinet supplies and fasteners that includes more than 40,000 customers across the nation and more than 420,000 line items available. The Wurth North American Wood Division companies build strong partnerships for the cabinet and woodworking.

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