Cung Le suspension overturned as UFC's test results were wrong

Le lost to Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night Macao (©GettyImages)

The UFC's drug testing initiative took a big hit as they overturned Cung Le's suspension this week following his supposedly 'positive' drug test at UFC Fight Night: Macao.

The organisation had given the 42 year old fighter a 12 month suspension, one that could've ended his career at his age, but overturned it as a second test showed he was clean.

Le has called for a public apology from the UFC, but so far, they've been quiet on the subject, other than saying he's no longer suspended.

WADA or bust from here on out

One of the main criticisms that has come out has been the UFC's choice in drug testing facility, as both were not World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved and they've clearly paid the price for that.

The difference between WADA and non-WADA approved labs is in the range of tests that they can do and in this case, the proper tests were not done by the Hong Kong Medical Center, which the UFC used.

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Not only can they not test to the degree that WADA would look for to get an idea as to whether or not a fighter is actually using - they also threw out the 'B sample', meaning Le couldn't appeal.

Apology required

Considering all the facts, it's a big surprise that the UFC didn't move sooner and overturn the suspension and issue an apology.

Instead they've left the situation to ferment and now Le is, rightfully, demanding an apology as the UFC have thrown his name into the dirt for no good reason.

His overturn statement said - “The UFC organization has always been a leader when it comes to testing for performance ­enhancing drugs in combat sports.” Yet in this case, it's been far from true.

If the UFC are serious about their drug testing policies, then they have a lot of work to do, and now everyone knows the risks of not using WADA facilities.

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