UFC 179 report - Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes go in the distance in Brazil

Aldo is ready to stop the McGregor hype train (©GettyImages)

Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes left it all in the cage at UFC 179 on Saturday night, but it was Aldo who won out via Unanimous Decision.

The fight has been considered a contender for Fight of the Year already and there's no doubting that the two fighters have deserved their position at the top of the Featherweight division.

For the second time though, Aldo beat Mendes and now he has to face the best of the rest - which includes the mouthy, Conor McGregor.

The King, The Prince and The Jester

Following his five round war with Mendes, Aldo showed his respect for his rival, while also verbally slamming down McGregor.

"My court is complete here," Aldo said through an interpreter in his post-fight interview.

"I am the king, Chad is the prince, and now we have a joker."

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Mendes also chimed in against McGregor, saying: "I'm still looking forward to whipping your ass buddy."

McGregor responded with a tweet, as usual, with a mixture of respect and disrespect.

With all the McGregor talk, it's no wonder the UFC are sky-rocketing him towards a title shot at some point next year.

Leading up to the event, McGregor had dominated the headlines, not the rematch and despite 25 minutes of fantastic fighting, straight after the fight the focus was back on McGregor.

After seeing what Aldo had to bring to outdo Mendes last night, McGregor will have to do a lot work to be a legitimate threat to the long standing champion.

Davis is dreamland with Silva call out

The co-main event of the evening saw 'Mr Wonderful', Phil Davis, beat Glover Teixeira via Unanimous Decision in a fight that didn't do much to liven up the crowd.

Following his win, Davis took to calling out former UFC Middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, who was in attendance for his compatriots and teammates.

It was a call out that has left many bemused as to why he thinks he'd even get that, and Silva's response just about summed it as best as possible.

Instead of taking a chance at calling out a top five fighter in his division and trying to prove that he belongs amongst the light heavyweight elite, he tries to call out someone a weight division below, where he'd have the advantage with his wrestling.

Nobody but Davis wants this fight and with Silva focused on 'superfights' at the moment, Davis doesn't bring any of the hype, background or prestige that fans want - so maybe some of the punches that Teixeira got in, left him dazed and confused.

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