Locker room brawl, betrayals and a big return - RAW review 27th October

The ring was filled with the whole WWE locker room (©Twitter @LillianGarcia)

Just 24 hours after the Hell in a Cell PPV RAW was almost as explosive as we saw brawls, betrayals and a big return from an injured superstar.

It was a big night and it was shown in the opening 10 minutes as the Authority began the night in the ring and there was a big altercation between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

After Rollins delivered the curb stomp to Orton last week, he returned the favour this time by giving Rollins an RKO.

That led to Orton being thrown out the arena by Triple H, but the Authority weren't done there.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H would later try to recruit John Cena to join the Authority and after he refused, they made a big announcement.


It was revealed that next month at Survivor Series there will be an epic clash between a Team Authority and Team Cena to settle the power issue in the WWE.

When Cena was seen trying to recruit Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler he was then forced to face Demon Kane as a punishment.

Ziggler got the win but was attacked by Rollins after the match and whilst being ambushed by both members of the authority, he would be saved by Cena.

The main event was an epic match between Cena and Rollins as the two gave everything they had to get the win, Cena won by disqualification after Kane interfered and then a brawl ensued.

Ziggler came down to help before the entire locker room emptied and began just fighting each other to end RAW on a chaotic note.

The betrayal between Mark Henry and Big Show finally happened as they challenged Gold and Stardust for the Tag team championships.

After Henry and Big Show had argued a few times, Henry launched a vicious assault on the worlds largest athlete which will develop into a big feud in the coming weeks.

There was a big return as Bo Dallas issued an open challenge to the locker room and was confronted by the 'Big Guy' Ryback.

Dean Ambrose launched a vicious attack on Cesaro with a microphone before calling out Bray Wyatt and receiving a sinister video message from the Eater of Worlds.

There was an interview with current injured superstar Roman Reigns who made the promise that when he finally returns, he will be coming after Mr Money in the Bank Seth Rollins.

Damian Mizdow and the Miz took on the Usos and a bit of Uso magic saw them get the win after they pulled the old switching brothers.

AJ Lee took on Alicia Fox and guest commentator Paige cost her 'bestie' Alicia the match and attempted to console her friend after the match but ended up just attacking her instead.

Nikki Bella took on Cameron with her new personal assistant Brie at ringside, Brie ended up giving the distraction that got Nikki the win and brought her to the edge of tears.

Video highlights

John Cena rejects the Authority: 

John Cena vs Seth Rollins:

Mark Henry and Big Show vs Star and Goldust:

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