WWE set to change name of popular pay-per-view

Elimination Chamber could now be called WWE Fast Track  (©GettyImages)

Ever since the brand split in WWE was abolished and many of the current championships were unified, many of the WWE Universe have stated that the stipulation pay-per-views are a little pointless - finally it seems that the company are listening. 

Elimination Chamber is the second stop on the road to WrestleMania every year and usually sees two chamber matches one for each of the WWE main titles, although this year WWE realised that they only had one title and so could only have the one chamber match. 

Also with the current title holder being a part time wrestler, the creative team have probably realised that Brock wont be there to defend his title, there is no point having a number one contenders chamber match because the Royal Rumble winner already has the title match at WrestleMania, so it seems the chamber has become obsolete. 

Instead WWE are thinking of changing the pay per view to either "Fast lane" or "Fast Track" where they will focus on the Royal Rumble winner and perhaps put them through more obstacles on their way to main eventing WrestleMania.

Change on the way? 

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come in WWE because there are a lot of pay-per-views that are no longer needed, Night of Champions being the main one. When Raw and Smackdown were separate brands it made sense to put every title from both brands on the line for one night once a year.

But now every title is on the line at every pay-per-view so there is no need for it to be a separate event, WWE could take Night of Champions out completely and have two months build up to Hell in a Cell.

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That is probably unlikely though with the 12 live events WWE has every year, they make a lot of money from them because they use Raw and Smackdown as build up to them and make all their money from people buying the pay-per-views.

If anything WWE will rethink the names and the stipulations for certain events, like TLC, if every match isn't going to be under TLC rules then what is the point? Or Extreme Rules, why can't every match be contested under Extreme Rules? 

The entire schedule needs to be thoughout, but the fact that they are set to change one of the well known pay-per-views is a good sign and hopefully one of things to come. 

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