Shocking tackle could be the worst in Sunday League football history

It was a shocker of a tackle  (©GettyImages)

Ah, the joys of Sunday League football. A mix of old-boys trying to get over their hangovers and youngsters still frustrated that they never quite made it...something exciting usually happens on a football pitch on a Sunday morning. 

Well, the incident that has been reported by the Daily Star, may not go down as exciting, but it will certainly go down in history.

In this particular Sunday League match, a player donning the famous red and white (not of Sunderland) prodded the ball past his opponent, before taking one hell of a lunge into a rival player. 

This wasn't any old lunge, however: the player flew through the air as he missed the ball by a mile and took out his opponent in blue. There's no doubt about it, though,  the state of the pitch didn't help, as the tackle looked even worse than it actually was...and it was brutal. 

Unfortunately, the video - which can be seen below - only lasts 28 seconds, so we don't get to see what happened in the aftermath of the incident.

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It may well have been Sunday League, but it's pretty likely that a red card was shown, and probably a few on-pitch handbags between the two sides. 

There's been some pretty controversial tackles in the Premier League over the years, but none have quite been on the same scale as this one. Forget Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira and Co. Sunday League is where the real action takes place...

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