Future Hall of Famer says he 'still can't stand LeBron James'

Paul Pierce whilst with the Celtics against LeBron James (©GettyImages)

Paul Pierce has called out LeBron James and other young NBA stars for the way they fraternise with each other during and after games.

Interestingly Pierce was one of the men who sparked the current era of 'Super teams' when he was joined by Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen at the Boston Celtics in 2007, however the current trend of players teaming up with each other really annoys Pierce.

Despite forming the original 'big three' in Boston, 'The Truth see's a distinction between what he did and how current NBA stars conduct themselves, and much like his nickname, Pierce isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Pierce who is now with the Washington Wizards joined the ESPN Radio show Mike & Mike to express his views on the current super-teams forming in the NBA: "This is a different era, Guys are playing a lot more together in the summer. You see more friendships in the league. It's not like in the '80s when you had enemies, or you couldn't stand this guy, and there were fights all the time."

He continued: "These guys, they all get along. It's a new generation. They all want to play with each other. They all want to win. They're in USA Basketball all summer, they play in the summer leagues all summer, so they get to know one another and they try to join one another and try to win a championship. It's a new era that we're seeing and this is the way it's going to be, guys, we've just got to accept it."

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Co-host Cris Carter then spotted an opportunity to stir the pot a little bit, he remembers the hostility shared between Pierce and the game's best player today, LeBron James.

James is the catalyst behind today's surge of super teams, he ignited the era with his move from Cleveland to Miami but that was never the reason for Pierce's frosty relationship with the King.

Carter referenced Pierce's interactions with James: "I've seen you say some things to LeBron" and Pierce didn't hold back. he responded: 

"I still can't stand none of these guys," Pierce added, referring to James' generation. "I want to beat all of them."

Building organically 

What differentiates the way Boston went about building their so-called 'super team' was that the Celtics were perceived to have built it organically, whilst in the case of the Miami Heat or today's Cleveland Cavaliers, the powerhouse unit were combined in one off-season.

Pierce has an old-school view on his opposition in the NBA, he wants to crush them in the same way Michael Jordan would not have joined forces with his rivals, he would of found a way to defeat them.

The 37-year-old now gears up for a new season with a new team, he joined the Washington Wizards this summer in an under-the-radar free agency move.

He will be part of a young Washington squad who surprised many with their performance in the playoffs last season, and as for Pierce, he still has the same goal he always has since entering the league, winning a championship and beating everyone in the way.

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