Jason Chimera suffers brutal broken nose in Capitals loss

Jason Chimera took a big knock to his shnoz

It's time for your what seems to be becoming a weekly update in gruesome injuries, and today's unfortunate is Jason Chimera of the Washington Capitals.

Injury List

So far this year we have had Martin Havlat of the New Jersey Devils take a huge hit to the face that caused lacerations to the face, as well as a devastating one punch KO in the minor leagues. 

In that game, Chimera and the Capitals were actually Havlat's opponents, and it was Chimera that shoved Havlat into the referee's elbow and then the glass. This is quite obviously Chimera's cosmic retribution. 

It's Nose Joke

So what happened to Chimera i hear you cry. Well, as you can obviously see in the picture above, the Capitals forward suffered a pretty gruesome broken nose in a loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

But in a twist, rather than being checked face-first into the boards or taking a hard hit, the 35-year old caused the accident himself. 

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Chimera had barrelled into Detroit defenseman Brendan Smith, searching for a hit, but instead collided with Smith's helmet, absorbing all of the impact right onto his face, and his nose. Smith was fine, Chimera was not.

The forward staggered over to the Capitals' bench where the team's trainer was waiting with a towel to soak up the claret that was gushing out of Chimera's nose. Then Chimera did absolutely no-one any favours by taking his head out of the towel to reveal his disfigured snout to the world. 


It is the most broken nose I have ever witnessed in my time on this planet. Quite frankly it makes the break I got playing rugby in school look nothing more than a light tap. No one's nose should be that far across their face!

It's worth noting that Chimera only missed six minutes of the game, just six. He was taken down the tunnel where his broken face was smushed back into place and whisked back onto the ice quicker than you can say 'future sinus problems.' You can check out a video of the hit here.

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