WWE: Randy Orton risks facing McMahon's wrath after latest outburst

Vince McMahon will not be happy about what this superstar wrestler has to say

WWE superstar Randy Orton has taken an untimely swipe at the WWE after it was revealed that he has a clear dislike for the way his character is currently being portrayed.

Over the years there have been plenty of wrestlers that have criticized the WWE because of problems with the direction of their character, with both Seth Rollins and absent superstar Batista being two of the more well known superstars to have faced this problem in recent times.

But now it seems you can add Randy Orton's name to that list after the superstar wrestler took an ill-advised swipe at the WWE during a conversation with fans on social media platform Twitter.

Crazy comments 

Randy Orton was asked by a fan on Twitter originally about the 'RKO Outta Nowhere' t-shirt that he has asked WWE to make after the crazy vines of him took over the internet this month.

"I went straight to 'merch' with it, and I was told they're 'waiting to hear back' so don't get your hopes up," Orton replied, NoDQ.com reported.

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Another fan talked about the touchy subject of heel turns and how this particular fan didn't want him to ever turn babyface, something which obviously resonates with Orton because it's something that is in the pipeline for him.

In response to the fan's comments to that, Orton said "Amen to that" in a clear swipe at WWE's creative control that are looking to turn him babyface.

Orton has acted stupid before

This is not the first time that Randy Orton has said something out of turn on Twitter. There was the controversy a couple of months ago when the superstar wrestler insulted a WWE fan on Twitter.

The fan, who had allegedly been bad mouthing Orton's girlfriend online, was pictured with Orton and in the caption on Twitter, Orton talked about how he had just met Ms Piggy. A claim jibe about her weight.

Whether on that occasion the victim deserved an insult it doesn't matter. Randy Orton should not have insulted a WWE fan, and his latest comments won't be the last for WWE superstar who just can't learn to keep his mouth shut.

Taking time out

Maybe Orton felt compelled to air his views because he is on the verge of leaving the company, who knows. But what we do know is that some time in the next month or so, Orton will be missing from our TV screens as he goes of for the shooting of his new movie which is the sequel to Stone Cold Steve Austin's The Condemned.

A bit of time away for Orton may do him the best of good, with the wrestler's actions these days getting him closer and closer to being disciplined by the company.

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