Cleveland Browns star appears in hilarious ad campaign

Hoyer and Manziel on the sidelines for the Browns (©GettyImages)

Needless to say, Cleveland Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel has a habit of popping up in places you wouldn't expect to see him.

He has been a bar man, telephone made of money operator and even inflatable swan rider, but now he's arrived in his next strange job outing.

Manziel has become the world's newest fitness instructor teaching a class of women some aerobics.

Its all part of a new advertising campaign as Manziel has signed on to advertise the candy bar 'snickers'.

It has given a comical advert as he stops being Johnny Football and becomes Johnny JamBoogie.


The advert is somewhat embarrassing for the Browns current back up Quarterback but undoubtedly comical for the Browns fans.

It opens with Manziel leading the aerobics class in a fashion that quite frankly could have him named as the worst aerobics instructor ever.

Not that its not funny to see one of the biggest rookies in the NFL donning the headband and vest, it is still quite embarrassing for Manziel.

Finally Manziel's newest vocation is ended when a team-mate named Sandler hands him a snickers and he once again turns into Johnny Football.

As impressive on the field

Manziel may crash and burn as an aerobics instructor but given the hype around his name, he is thankfully much better at throwing a football.

He is currently struggling to establish himself at the Browns however as he has been playing back up to Brian Hoyer all season.

Hoyer is having a good season and has led the Browns to a 4-3 record this year including wins over the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Despite their winning record, they suffer from being in one of this years most successful divisions in the AFC North.

Divisional rivals the Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals all also have winning records and leave the Browns bottom of the division.

Up next for Manziel and the Browns comes a divisional clash with the Bengals who sit on top of the AFC North.

See the advert here:

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