Joseph Randle destroyed by Jason Witten in Cowboys practice

Randle isn't much liked (©GettyImages)

It's safe to say that the Dallas Cowboys didn't have the most together-some Friday practice. Starting receiver Dez Bryant and reserve running back Joseph Randle were smack talking each other which led to senior players having to tell the young back to shut his mouth.


After the team lined up for their pre-practice stretching, Randle kept talking at Bryant, whom he had referenced in a video emerged during Randle's booking for shoplifting.

That caused Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, who was just in front of Randle, to turn around and yell at the second-year player, “Don't say nothing from here on out!” giving Randle a firm, verbal dressing down in front of everybody, even reporters.

Randle then decided to keep running his mouth, causing Witten to turn around again and address him, this time the veteran wasn't so nice about it, laying into Randle with a bit bluer language we can't really repeat here.

“I don't really feel comfortable talking about it,” Witten said after practice when questioned. “We handle it inside our football team. It's all good.”

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The incident occurred less than 24 hours after FOX 4 aired a portion of Randle's arrest video from earlier this month. While Randle was being booked at the Frisco City Jail, the Cowboys running back was caught on tape asking a jail employee if he will be suspended by the Cowboys because of his arrest.

Randle then mentions the prior arrests of Cowboys teammates Bryant - who is was arguing with today - and Josh Brent. “Dez didn't miss no games for smacking his mom,” Randle is heard saying, referencing Bryant’s 2012 arrest on family-violence charges.

“Josh Brent, he's still up in the locker room,” Randle added. “He's coming back. . He was driving drunk. That's stupid.” Brent was driving when former Dallas player Jerry Brown was killed.

Randle was arrested for allegedly shoplifting a package of underwear and a tester bottle of cologne from a Dillard's department store earlier in October.

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