CM Punk merchandise available again

CM Punk continues to have a strong relationship with his fans  (©GettyImages)

When CM Punk left WWE the company made it clear they wanted nothing to do with him, which was perhaps made most obvious by them removing his merchandise from their official online shop.

There is no denying that the absence of Punk has created a huge void within the company, with fans growing increasingly aware that it is extremely unlikely the much-loved WWE Superstar will ever make a return to the company.

More merchandise 

This makes what happened on WWE's official online shop recently even more interesting. It appeared that the business re-sold CM Punk's merchandise on the website, with it unsurprisingly selling out almost instantly.

Fans are missing the Straight-Edge Savior greatly so it is no shock that the goods sold so quickly having been unavailable for some time.

The reason for this move by WWE though is unclear. Perhaps they are simply aware of the money that could be made from the merchandise as well as the speed at which it would sell out, which would work out ideally for them as their connection with Punk wouldn't have to remain on the site for long.

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What this has also proved is the popularity CM Punk still maintains despite his absence from the company. It is as if he has the support associated with legends despite being a part of the industry for a lot less time; he created that much of an impact that his fans will surely stand by him for even more years to come.

Twitter news

Aside from this, CM Punk showed the respect he has for his fans last week on Twitter. The 36-year-old retweeted a large number of photos which showed his followers dressing up as him and AJ Lee for Halloween.

In addition, The Best In The World WWE Superstar also tweeted a picture of a pumpkin and wished his followers a happy Halloween. 

Despite both of these pieces of information relating to CM Punk not having any sort of impact on the chances of a return to wrestling for him in any form, they do reiterate the strength of the relationship he has and will continue to have, with his dedicated fans. 

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