NXT superstar could be partnering John Cena

Has John Cena got a shock for us in his team? (©GettyImages)

As we now enter November, we just a few short weeks away from Survivor Series and that massive main event between Team Cena and Team Authority.

It was announced tonight on RAW that should Team Authority lose that match, they will cease to be the Authority and will no longer be in control of the WWE.

The match, set to be a classic Survivor Series 5-on-5 elimination tag team match, is set to take the place of yet another absent WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

Prior to Monday, we had previously had no idea who would be on either team but this weeks show has revealed quite a lot.

We now know that Team Authority will hold Seth Rollins and Kane, It also appears that the Authority are targeting Mark Henry and Rusev as potential members. 


We now know that the Big Show is willing to team with Cena and it appears that Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler will certainly be with the Cenation leader.

John Cena wasn't on RAW so his recruitment drive took a hiatus so we will have to wait a little longer to see who Cena will be targeting.

wwe.com however have created a list of five men who could be potential recruits for Cena and there is certainly one shocking name on it.

NXT superstar Sami Zayn is featured on the list and could be set to make the cross over from NXT to RAW?

Well Zayn is certainly one of the more popular superstars on NXT and certainly has a few Cena-like qualities, but could he be a surprise inclusion?

The potential recruits

Alongside Sami Zayn, Zach Ryder, Ryback and even Goldust are featured on the list as men who could team with John Cena.

Unsurprisingly, the man who has been on a one man mission to destroy the Authority for the past few months in Dean Ambrose is also listed.

The Lunatic Fringe seems unlikely to be in the big main event at Survivor Series however as he is rumoured to be taking on Bray Wyatt at the PPV.

Who knows who will join Cena at Survivor Series but should Sami Zayn take the leap, it will surely be a moment that the whole WWE Universe will be talking about for a long time.

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