New York Jets fans pay for 'Fire John Idzik' banner to fly over practice

Let's see if the Jets take any notice (©Twitter)

The New York Jets, it is fair to say, are having a stinker of a 2014 NFL season. A 1-8 record has left the franchise in disarray on and off the field and those in key positions are beginning to prepare for the worst.

The likes of Geno Smith, his replacement as starting QB Michael Vick, head coach Rex Ryan, GM John Idzik, and OC Marty Mornhinweg are busy keeping their heads down as they try to rescue a truly dire situation - and keep their jobs in the process.

But if any of them had looked up for a brief moment during the Jets Tuesday's practice they may have seen a very clear message from disgruntled New York Jets fans.

In plane view

Three simple words; "Fire John Idzik" could be see emblazoned in red lettering flying high above the Jets' training facility as a plane carried a banner relaying exactly what angry fans of the franchise think should be done to their under-fire General Manager.

The timing of the display ensured mass exposure, with the banner flying overhead just as the media was in attendance for the 30-minute open portion of the practice.

It was originally though the banner had been paid for by the website but they have since denied such claims. Their message though is clearly shared by many.

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Idzik too was there alongside Jets owner Woody Johnson and of course head coach Rex Ryan. The GM must be hoping he managed to hold the attention of Johnson long enough so as to avoid his boss taking in the unwanted message.

Under pressure

While the Jets as a whole have faced increased criticism from their fan base as the disastrous campaign lurches on, Idzik has taken the brunt of it as fans lose patience with the GM.

His summer failure to bring in any recognized cornerbacks is starting to look, as many fans predicted during the offseason, incredibly foolish. And with Idzik's proposed quarterback of the future Geno Smith having already been benched this season there is growing pressure for the General Manager to lose his job as the dearth of overall talent becomes obvious for all to see.

His recent mid-season press conference meanwhile did little to help the situation with Idzik's bamboozling comments only adding to fans' frustration.

What do you think Jets fans? Should Idzik lose his job, or are others to blame for the team's failings this season?

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