Arsenal fans running out of patience with Arsene Wenger

Wenger is under extended pressure from the Gunners faithful (©GettyImages)

Arsenal fans seem to be pointing the gun at Arsene Wenger with their fingers firmly on the trigger.

It seems only a matter of time before more Gunners fans will be calling for the manager's head. His refusal to change his side combined with outdated tactics see the manager hoping to get different results with the same unsuccessful routine.

When will it stop? Arsenal's complete defensive capitulation against Anderlecht on Tuesday once again provided supporters with another prime example of how frail the team is defensively.

Who is to blame?

Some would blame the result on account of injuries, while others may blame it on the inability to sign a defensive midfielder in the summer transfer window, but you cannot excuse the fact that squandering a three goal lead could be construed as 'bad luck'. 

However this is not the first time that the Gunners have been struck by such an occurrence. Several poor performances this season have seen Arsenal waste numerous chances to gain valuable points in the Premier League with poor results against Leicester and Hull City being two prime examples.

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Many fans feel that the clock has been ticking far too long for Wenger and that time has run out for the Frenchman. Opinion polls are swinging very much in favour of ditching Wenger.

The reality

As the longest serving manager in the Premier League and with two and a half years left on his current contract it is almost impossible to see Wenger being relieved of his duties at Arsenal.

However, with extended pressure from the fans and constant criticism from numerous ex-pros, the Wenger may just be persuaded to walk away before the end of his contract.

Only time will tell.  

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