Jets players copy fans actions in newest prank

The Jets players have had two flying visitors this week (©GettyImages)

The players of the currently 1-8 New York Jets are having a bit of a hard time right now but their players are still finding ways to amuse themselves.

Amidst an eight game losing streak, the pressure is mounting on the Jets players and staff and the fans are making their feeling known.

During Wednesday's training session for the Jets, a plane was hired by the fans to fly over the complex carrying a banner reading 'Fire John Idzik.'

The plane flew the banner aimed at the Jets General Manager John Idzik who was on the field for the 20 minutes that it was overhead.

But far from disheartening the Jets players, some were actually inspired by the fans actions and were prompted to hire an aircraft of their own.


Due to the rain in New Jersey on Thursday, the team was forced to move indoors for practice and that was where a second aircraft was seen.

The second aircraft being a toy helicopter about one foot in length flew about 40 feet above the ground and hovered around the 50 yard line.

The tiny toy was leading a message that simply read: "Go Jets."

Some of the players noticed the aircraft and began to laugh at it as the team remain in high spirits despite their failure on the pitch.

In a move that could anger some fans the players were having what must be a rare laugh around the Jets camp these days.

Low flying Jets

The Jets are 1-8 and more concerning for their fans is that they are on an eight game losing streak.

Their only win came in week one over the Oakland Raiders and even then it was a very narrow victory over the NFL's only win-less team.

Since then they have suffered a crushing 31-0 loss to the San Diego Chargers and a 21 point defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills.

This weekend however they host Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers who could arguably be the most difficult team to face in the NFL right now.

With the Steelers on a three game winning streak having scored 124 points in the process, Roethlisberger has been throwing touchdowns for fun in his last two games.

On paper it should be a run of the mill win for the Steelers but you can never say never in the NFL.

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