WWE live show in London causes problems for the company

Everyone but Vince wants to see the match return (©GettyImages)

We have seen the fallout over the last few days from the British WWE fans after the launch of the WWE Network was postponed (again) on Monday night.

The launch was delayed less than an hour before it was scheduled to become live at 8pm GMT.

In the days since, the WWE have embarked on a European tour featuring visits to England and everyone ahead of the tour was wondering how the fans would behave.

Despite the shows receiving the same level of support they always do on the British isles, the fans were left booing after a certain video was shown.

The video unsurprisingly featured an address to the Network and was the CEO of the WWE Vince McMahon apologising to the British fans.


As you can imagine, the fans showed their displeasure when the video finished as the arena was filled with a chorus of boos.

The WWE clearly know just how unhappy the British fans are with the network delay as they have not only released the video of Mr McMahon apologising, but they made a change to the ring too.

There was reportedly black tape over the ring apron in order to avoid any sign of the Network logo being seen by the fans.

It is an understandable move given the reaction Mr McMahon's video message got but despite that, it has clearly shown how they are trying to avoid the topic.

Many British fans are asking just how many Network plugs there will be on the televised shows in Britain since I imagine the crowd will get restless if they show anything on the screen and that is not best for business.

I'm personally just waiting for images to emerge of signs addressing the network and even though the scene with McMahon message won't be televised, it will be interesting to see what chants were made through the shows.

An unhappy fan base

Needless to say the WWE fans in Great Britain are unhappy with the continued delay in the network's launch.

That feeling of displeasure was not eased by the events of Monday night and if the latest delay wasn't enough, post-RAW events surely did it.

In a match after RAW went off the air on Monday and broadcast only on the WWE Network, Rusev defeated Sheamus for the United States championship.

There was understandably some unhappy fans after a title changed hands without fans even being able to see it.

It will now surely only be a matter of time until some fans become that unhappy with the network blunder that they may even begin to loose interest.

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